How I make beautiful buttons with this WordPress plugin.

So you just witnessed some great buttons which elobrates the title of this article in detail. It’s sooo damn easy to make this kinda buttons which are flat in design and works well with great looks. You don’t have to do big stuff to get this type of buttons because all the big duties are already done by the plugin itself. Yes, we can create buttons like this with the help of a  WordPress plugin which is free, not completely ,but the free version is more than enough to make beautiful buttons.

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How to?

Step 1 : Install the plugin called “Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes ultimate plugin is a great WordPress plugin which will help you make beautiful buttons and they got great shortcodes to help you make the page even more beautiful.

shortcodes ultimate

Step 2 : After installing and activating the plugin, you can see the option for adding shortcodes on your post editing page.


Step 3 : Click on “Insert Shortcode” and you’ll get the options as in the image posted above (the one with a list of shortcodes). You can add any kinda shortcode to make your page or post beautiful, but here we are discussing on creating beautiful buttons using Shortcodes ultimate. So, click on ” ♥ Button”.

Step 4 : After when you click the button option from the list of shortcodes, you’ll be able to see a popup page like this where you can edit or customize the button in the way you wanted to,

button customization

You can customize the button with your preferred color, size, text, icons and much more. You can even select a CSS class or add javascript code to it, you can do the maximum to make your button beautiful and performing.

Step 5 : When you’re done making the button beautiful, now it’s time to place the code. Well, nothing much to do, after clicking the button “Insert shortcode” the code will be automatically posted, the code looks like this


You’re done! Now preview your post and you’ll see a beautiful button which you generated a few minutes before. That’s how you do it! I use this kinda buttons to make the page more beautiful and fit because adding an image might not do well like these buttons do! Let me know your feedbacks and doubts in comments 🙂

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