Bucket list? That might be something new to you, but let me tell you one thing. Everyone should have a bucket list and everyone out there should try their best to finish their bucket list before they die. Well, what is a bucket list and why is it so important?


Climb a mountain, swim the seven seas

Get your body to look like Hercules

Jump out an airplane with a parachute

Three beautiful lines from Nelly Furtado’s inspirational, makes-a lump-in-your -throat, song Bucket List. But the question is, what exactly is a bucket list? The shortest, simplest, most beautiful example I can give is the above three lines. Though google defines a bucket list as a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime, I demand more. This definition somehow lacks emotion.

Your Bucket list?

It doesn’t seem to have that love and care one adds while making their bucket list. But then I guess, that’s what definitions do. Definitions confine people. They put a limit to what one can be. That’s why I’m not going to dictate an Oxford or Google class definition to bucket lists. I have no intention of putting restraints to bucket lists. Bucket lists are supposed to be unending. You add a new, the second, one goal is achieved. The truth is knowingly or unknowingly, if you’re hearing of the bucket list for the first time or not, we all have bucket lists. A truth you just cannot deny. You know why? Because from the littlest of wishes to the biggest of dreams, they have forever remained your bucket list goals. Surprised? Oh well.

Why bucket list?

But let me tell you, you are in grave danger if you don’t have a bucket list. The reason? Well, as cliched and outdated as it sounds, YOLO. You only live once. Well, there might be theories as to rebirths, but we don’t know for sure. As of now, all we know is that we have this one life. We have this one life to live, not merely survive.

So, BUCKET LISTS ARE A NECESSITY. It doesn’t matter if you don’t write down each goal on a paper, that being your list which as a whole makes up what we call the ‘bucket list’. But you should have a rough idea of it in your mind. Before we move any further, let me tell you a little something of the etymology of ‘ bucket list’. Because it sure is uncanny to call the things you wish to do before you die ‘Bucket List’. Let’s break the term down. It was derived from the phrase kick the bucket which means to die and ‘list’. Hence, a list of things to do before you die or things to do before you kick the bucket. FYI, it first came into being when screenwriter Justin Zackham used it for the 2007 film The Bucket List. That being said, we’ll get back to why bucket lists are so important. We don’t know where it all ends, some say it’s almost over ( It being ‘life’). Not my words, Nelly’s. I recommend all of you to listen to the song, Nelly confines in four minutes, so eloquently the importance of having a bucket list.

With much hope that I have created in the minds of those who haven’t ever had a bucket list, a list or at least a plan to have one, let us move on to some crazy ideas to add on to your newly formed bucket list.

Summer bucket list ideas

1. Stargaze a whole night

Who said only Maths and Physics can make you astronomers? Sheer creativity and a mind which has the potential to take in the beautiful universe in enough to make you one. Sure, you are not going to comprehend the properties of the galaxies here and the planets there. But you are going to have a spiritual connection with the universe. Maybe this is what people call cosmic love. To see the milky way, to see the heavenly bodies, raised high up above you, isn’t it magnificent? Stargazing is a must add on to your bucket list. Bring along a loved one and gaze away. You wouldn’t know what I’m talking about unless you experience it once. I have tried it and I can guarantee, you’ll never regret that ‘all nighter’. Why not do it the coming summer, it sure is an idea for a good summer.

2. Skydive

Probably the most popular of all the bucket list ideas is skydiving. There’s a reason why. Skydiving is an overwhelming experience. You can see the beautiful curves of Earth and it is one of those moments like star gazing when you realize how you’re so insignificant in comparison to the enormity of the world we’re living in. And, boy the adrenaline rush. What more reasons do you need?

3. Learn a new language

What’s a better way to spend your summer other than being creative, crazy and by turning your intellectual mode on? Learning a new language is probably the best way. French, Spanish, German. The options aren’t limited.The way the same sounds create different words and a whole new language is beautiful. Crazy is the fact that there are people who know a lot of languages and that too fluently.The next one can be you.

Teen Bucket List

4.Go to a music concert with your friends

It’s next to impossible to not have a favorite music band or musician. Admit it, there exists no teen who doesn’t go crazy over the songs of your favorite band and girls, there exists no teen girl who doesn’t fall heads over heels in love with the lead musician. Next time the band hits your city, make sure you and your friends have the tickets. Get out, get crazy and head bang all night long.

5. Overcome a fear

I personally suffer from a lot of phobias. Coulrophobia, Arachnophobia, the list goes on. It’s much better to overcome your fears in your teen years. You know why? Because your fears grow as you grow. Now we don’t want that do we? So, better overcome your fears. Not necessarily these phobias but little fears such as admitting your crush to your crush. That brings us to our next bucket list idea.

6. I like you

It might not always be reciprocated, but it’s much better said than unheard.Now, don’t go and pester your celebrity crushes. I mean the realistic ones, the boy next door and the girl in your class. Just do it and don’t think. These are all part of your memories.

7. Travel out of the country

Travelling is a bucket list goal you can find in almost everyone’s bucket list, but to to travel out of the country while you are still young is the ultimate one. Youth has a lot of perks. You don’t need me to say that. Travelling while young is the most amazing thing ever. You’ll still have that innocent look in every picture and the memories of the teen years will stay for a pretty good time.

8. Road trips with cousins or friends.

Needless to say, road trips are beyond amazing.The friendly competition with other cars, the never seen before places, different people. It is a must that you take a road trip with people around your age in your teen years. It is one beautiful experience. A must goal on your list is this road trip, I say.

Try if you may

9. Go off grid for a week

Isolating yourself from the world, the people, the mobile phones, the internet must be included in everyone’s lists. For, this can do wonders. This small detoxification process can be a time for introspection. You can actually find yourself by going off the grid. Try going off the grid, you’ll understand what I mean.

10. Travel to unknown lands

Take a motorbike and travel alone to unknown lands. Get lost intentionally. Find the way on your own or by communicating with the locals. Robert . M. Pirsig in his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance explains the pleasure of having told the ways by a local. Travelling to distant, unknown lands is sure in my bucket list though not yet achieved, it will be and I hope yours will be too.


So we talked a lot about bucket lists and the importance of them and some crazy good ideas to add to your lists. To all those people out there with meter long bucket lists, I don’t pray but rather I wish you the best to have the courage and enthusiasm to go and have them done. Life isn’t all about your books or tiring office files, there is much more to life. Learn to understand which is important, your dreams or your boss’s? When everything ends one day, and you are about to kick the bucket, I hope you leave with all the goals in your meter long bucket lists checked. You’ve some interesting bucket list ideas to share with us? go ahead and comment ! 🙂

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