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Branding identity

Branding identity


Last week I made a post on Blogbeatz about How to Make your blog popular in 30 days and I left a space to add up a link saying “How to Brand Your blog” so here it goes, I’m now going to write about how to brand your blog and take your blog to the next level.You may think that why the hell you should brand your blog., Is it a necessary thing ? I mean what are the benefits in branding a blog? But According to my experience I can say that You Should Brand your Blog if you need success.Wait I’ll say some advantages of branding your blog.

+ Your Blog will become famous in Months

+ You get More Advertisers

+ You get More Sponsors and many.

So shall we start branding your blog? Yeah sure.



The first ever thing you’ve to take care of while branding your blog is its quality.It’s really impossible to Brand a blog with low quality articles.So always try to giveaway some quality stuffs I mean some high quality content so that your readers can enjoy your blog.Don’t just write a How to Guide in 300 Words, I just mean to explain everything in your best ever way and engage your readers with that.More the quality easier to brand.

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Looks of Your Blog

Have you ever seen a branded blog with ugly looks? No ,I think because looks matters a lot when it comes to branding a blog.Just like in Copyblogger, ProBloggernet and in ShoutMeloud you need some quality and exceptional looks to make your blog a brand.Always place a master logo in your blog , because a logo represents the real look in perfection of your blog ,so that it’s easy to Brand 😉

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Traffic and Social Media

Traffic is the heart of a blog and a blog is useless unless and until you get traffic for it.But what kinda traffic is best for easy branding, for this question I can say that Search Engine Traffic is the #1 to make your blog branded in months.Even in my blogging career I met probloggernet from Search ,Mashable from Search and even Techcrunch also from search and they are branded isn’t it? Yeah they are so start getting some Search Traffic.Social Media can boost your brand perfection and always grab some good readership from Social media and build a great influence.

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Keep Updated

Always keep updated with your blog even a small oldiness in your blog can kick out your blog from the competition so always watch the trend and play the game.What’s the current trend when it comes to Looks of a website or a blog? It’s FlatUI so just make your blog Flat UI and you can feel the real difference when  you make changes that  helps.So always keep updated.

Be Unique

Just like I always say be unique and play safe.I’m speechless about the topic  uniqueness especially when it comes to blogging ,If you have unique content, If you have a unique looks even if you have some unique strategies then you blog is becoming a brand for sure.


Final Verdict

If you apply these above written point on your blog ,then its going to be perfect I mean your blog will get branded soon.Especially your blog is getting branded only when your readers get’s satisfied with your content ,so always write some pro quality content for easy branding 🙂

So guys, if you’ve any doubts please let me know and Happy Blogging.Keep Visiting Blogbeatz







  1. Hello Krishna,

    You have pointed out all important things that make a blog brand. In my opinion, Quality content plays major role 😀

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great post bro…The way u have branded Blogbeatz..its awesome…
    You seems to be very good in branding and all that stuff…
    Great article…

  3. Awesome article Mate! Thank you for such a charm article 🙂

  4. Branding is very important success of any business and this applied to success of a blog too.You have nicely pointed out the need for branding and how to do it.. I am also trying to brand my blog for some time…

  5. Nice post!Always content makes any blog a brand.After that looks of a blog is most important!

  6. Hi Krisha you have shared some methods which are really effective. Thanks you so much. I will apply these steps to make my blog as a brand.

  7. Good points, simple and short Article, quality content is a major. with some SEO work.

  8. Krishna,no doubt this is really very useful post, Branding is very important for every blogger….

  9. Great post.Inspire me a lot

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