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Blogging is a journey and its my identity if someone on the internet asks me who are you? then I can answer I’m the owner of Blogbeatz a blog! πŸ˜‰ Yes, everyone has his own identity and especially for bloggers, their blog is their identity.I’ve seen many peoples asking me doubts and blah blah blah! there are a lot of peoples out there failing in the field of blogging.I’d really love to engage with them knowing their reason behind quitting blogging, still I try to help them out at my maximum and yes I’ve helped some peoples to get back on blogging and they are earnings good now πŸ™‚ So I decided to write this article which is going to help you in taking a good decision as well as in creating a good blogging strategy which is going to help you in increasing your earnings, traffic, and exposure πŸ™‚ but it takes time keep in mind ,ah lets discuss.

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Here is a guide with some tips which helps you in making a good and effective blogging strategy that helps πŸ˜‰


Your Time!

Your time matters a lot and you have to value it like anything.Ofcourse to blog good you probably need to spend some time may be a lot of time πŸ˜‰ . To be clear the time you invest on blogging is directly proportional to the money you earn from it.Bahh! I hate physics πŸ˜› still I’ve to equate.So plan your time ,plan with your daily routine and move a certain number of hours to blogging and that helps for sure.I’m saying this because to create a good blogging strategy you need to calculate your time.


What You Want?

Know what you really want, plan your goals and set your dream finally work hard on it.Actually each and everyone are having different dreams and different goals in life as well as in blogging life , so to work more productive plan your goals in your strategy and work on that.For eg : my aim to gain some exposure and the second aim is to get a lot of traffic from search, so my in my blog strategy I’ll be giving more importance to SEO. Simple! now its time to track your goals.


Target or Aim!

Just like I said everyone has their own aims and goals, especially in blogging, so if you are also having that ah you should have that.Just blast out your aims and keep targets like I’ll be getting this after this kinda time or I’ll reach after a year and so on.The best thing you have to do is keep these targets and move with your blog strategy , after a certain period of time if you’re failing to complete your targets then continuing the same blog strategy doesn’t make any sense simple!


Now its time to Make a Blog Strategy

Β Make it Perfect

I’ve seen many guys changing their blog theme day by day and that really sucks with you and your readers, never ever do that.Before concentrating on massive traffic and content, make up your blogs theme and make it perfect , so that you won’t be wasting time for your blog decoration , simple! make everything perfect.


Content is the king! You need write attractive content to make up a good blog that converts.So give a space for content in your blogging strategy and if you are not adding content then your strategy doesn’t make any sense.You can have a frequency in writing articles, like you can select the time span, 3 articles in a week or even 1 article a day may be.So think and make a good frequency managing your time.


Traffic is the queen πŸ˜› ahah you probably need good traffic to make sales and traffic is the food for your blog.Just writing articles is nothing you need traffic.If you are concentrating more on social media traffic spend more time on that else if you are concentrating on SEO do that.According to your interest add the space of traffic in your blog strategy.Especially keep some time for link building and some frequency to write guest articles (that helps)


Making money is your dream you may or may not be earning still you need to earn more and more, so work hard and plan some time to approach companies, to grab some clients even for your affiliate sales.So keep a space for that.


The more you engage the more your exposure is, always spent some time with your blogging friends , your readers , facebook fan page and even your email subscribers just to make some engagements, because relationship matters.Keep some time for that.

Just like you go shopping, add you necessary stuffs and name a good blog strategy, add the above mentioned tips and I’m damn sure that it will help you a lot in developing your blog. While you are travelling (your blogging journey) move with your friends πŸ™‚ are yar please share the article πŸ˜›



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