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blogger widgets

blogger widgets


Blogger WidgetsBlogger is one of the famous content management system by Google.At first we all use blogger to start our first blog and yes the same happened with me.I was a user of blogger but now I’m on wordpress.But I always suggest blogger platform for newbie bloggers because you can learn a lot with blogger CMS.Anyway so you are on blogger platform may be you’re not, but I decided to share some must use blogger widgets for making your blogger blog reader friendly and seo friendly.

Blogger widgets helps us to make our blog a wonder.In terms of decreasing bounce rate, making more interaction, looks, branding etcc.So let me explain about the 5 Must Use Blogger Widgets for your blog 🙂


Popular Posts

Popular post is a must use blogger widgets which helps the readers to read the top notching articles on your blog and you can showcase the same.Suppose if you have an article with some affiliate links and if its showing on the home page on popular posts then it can even bring good conversion rates too.Popular post widgets helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog.Its one of the best way to showcase your popular articles.


Email Subscription

If you are a newbie then you should try this out.Google is having a feature called feedburner which helps us to collect emails and shoot them a mail when you update your blog.You may or may not know this anyway you need this.So rush on and add the email subscription box to collect some readers on email 🙂 Else if you are using a premium email marketing service then use their widget.


Social Media Boxes

Facebook ,Twitter and a lot of Social media services are available on web 2.o we are using them effectively for our blog promotion.As a part of it we all add a small box or a big box of twitter or facebook like box etc for collecting likes , followers etc.So just for a formality I’m saying add a small and big like box on your blog for Social media marketing.


About Me

I’m not talking about the widget “About” but an HTML/JAVASCRIPT widgets which showcase about “You” yes you really need it for your exposure.Many  peoples are starting blogging to get some fame out of the internet so if you need it then move on add a detailed brief 😛 About Me section on your blog.Now that’s fine.


If you are interested in promoting some affiliate links or some links which is paying you then feel free to add a link box on the right side of your blog which surely bring some good conversions.I’m not asking you to sell sitewide links but to promote your affiliate links.Actually I used this kinda promotion a year back and got good conversion rates.That’s the only reason I’m guiding this to you 🙂


Final Words

I recommend you not to add a lot of widgets on your sidebar or footer.Only add the above listed and some necessary stuffs which helps you to keep your blog clean and tidy.Please don’t add some variety widgets which is useless only add some widgets if its benefiting you 🙂 .So we’ll meet again bye for now feel free to ask your doubts and keep visiting Blogbeatz


  1. Wow.. Thanks, actually, u did mentioned the top 5 widget I know that is popular and a must-have for all.. Thanks for the tips anyway 🙂

  2. Very Nice Articles for blogger widgets..
    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Have a doubt bro..
    Then why you are not using popular posts plugin..??

  4. Popular posts will make other bloggers to concentrate on our posts which makes huge traffic to our blog. So that they make use of popular posts by rewriting article with good keywords.

  5. Yes Using all five krishna… on my blog !! 🙂

  6. Wow* Krishna you mention all Five Important widget i am also working on It. Thanks 😉

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