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Before starting, every person thinks first about whether he/she would achieve success or not? Well, the same thing I did before coming in this field.At first, we research with these common keywords “How to start a blog?” the search engine retrieves its best results to help us out on the basis of rich content with some sorts of techniques and that’s what we generally call it as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).However, it depends upon popularity, but still Google results WikiHow on the top! Then the era of proper guidance begins and a blogger starts following the steps shown.

 Big Confusion! WordPress or Blogger?

Well, no doubt most of us would suggest WordPress as it holds almost 60% users just because of its marvelous features, in fact you can say a group of power in term of webmaster is available is “Plugins”.But in case of Blogger platform you should have some programming knowledge and practical knowledge to handle out snippets. A blogger with these kinds of skills always has some plus points over those who use WordPress because of its easy data handlers.But is custom domain important? Well yes, off course, as a custom domain with .com means a commercial site describes the type of website or blog it is and yeah most of us generally don’t remember about   .com, .net, .org, .biz or .edu etc. but the only thing to which most of used are used to be is .com domain. No doubt it helps a lot in gaining trust of any person.


Now the question arises, “Am I starting a blog for part time work, or to make a money generating object?” Generally, 70% does it to earn money.What about content? About what am I going to write about? So now here comes the main thing called “Niche”.Niche means the basic thing about which your blog is about. It explains the type of content, generally supposed to be available within that blog. Let us now consider a virtual example about a new born blogger.

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 New Born Blog

Guest what? I got a domain, but because of no money in hands, I have to choose Blogger platform.Tada.! My blog is ready now, but before making it public let’s apply a great template for a responsive navigation. Okay so everything is looking cool, so now it’s time to reach out loud.

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 Show Time

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ share-

“Hey, take a look at my new blog that I just made! Link- “”

First article first impression! , publicly shared on social platforms to come into notice.

Oops but what’s the problem up here, I am not getting any readers. Let’s search again for it on Google.

 “How to gain traffic?” – Basic tips to gain traffic are to write more and more content and do SEO. But who’s going to waste that much time in writing an article, let’s just copy paste, but that’s the biggest mistake every newbie does at the start at least once in his blogging journey.

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Oh I forgot to use Meta tags in order to optimize my blog and its content.

 Here are the basic Meta tags to use for Search Engine Optimization.

 <meta name=”description” content=”description”>

 <meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1,keyword2,keyword3..”>

<meta name=”robots” content=”index,noarchive ”>

Experiment complete, still not getting enough amount of traffic. Let us concentrate over more and more content writing. But ultimately no progress in traffic lefts a bunch of demotivation into the mind.So, I think it’s time to ask for help to experts or experienced blogger.

Hey, hi xyz

I started a blog and was trying really hard to gain traffic on it, but getting not even a 100 of page views. Kindly help me out, sir.

Well Hello,

I looked at your blog it seems to be fine, but I think you should start writing original content with the proper amount of keywords. So kindly do keyword research and use low competitive keywords.

Start collecting statistical data using webmasters, submit your links to different web directories.Build do follow backlinks to become trustworthy.Okay thanks a lot for suggesting so much good stuff.

Hell yeah! Now Google has started indexing my articles, feeling so much proud.Now lets us start building backlinks through commenting and guest posting on different niche related blogs.Still not satisfied with the results, I think I should ask to some more experienced blogger.

Hey xyz,

Here’s my blog link- and I need traffic on it. I have already did so many things in order to gain traffic but getting no success, so kindly help.

Well Hi,

See if you want traffic then I can do a complete SEO for your blog and provide great backlinks in order to help you rank better at just some amount of $$$ dollars.

But sir, I don’t have money to invest or buy your service, please help a little bit.So sorry I am not running up a free service here, kindly leave.Above conversation was the general thing which is now days experienced by every newbie without any proper knowledge. Those who are on the top forget how the hell they reached up there.These kind of demoralizing people and fake online data demotivates a lot but after all as soon as the motive strikes the mind, a new hope comes under the vision.Now, I will do proper keyword research with proper use of them around 3-5% in density and share it on different social groups to reach out far. A guest post would definitely help in natural link building.Continued the above process for at least 1-2 moths and guest what? Finally the results are getting better day by day. Now I got enough amount of traffic to advertise or do affiliate marketing.Even thinking about to start a new service in order to help out newbie bloggers in order to make them achieve their aim easily.Relation Building helps in good connections and +1 share on social media which ultimately impacts on our carrier with long lasting leadership.

Final Verdict (Editor)

The above written things are fact and you have to work hard to make up your blog to the next level! If you can save time which you’re wasting on reaching out a expert just save that time and read some quality articles and learn more ,explore more.Happy Blogging.


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  1. Now a WordPress is getting weird due to their change in interface like Changing theme option is getting hidden and newbies are getting stressed of that.. Free blogger platform on other hand as said by Mrityunjay Prajapati Doesn’t pay much attention in backlinks.. Any how Traffic and SEO is at the Hand of admin ,how they handles with the Niche with Mind Freaky articles on their webs.. 🙂

  2. Great post. But I think there is no need to add metakeywords as it is of no use now. But may be metakeywords might be useful for other searchengines apart from Google.Isn’t it?

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