25 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic Like a Boss


Now-a-days everyone has a blog. Creating blog is easy but getting quality traffic is very hard. If you are a newbie blogger and if you don’t know what is SEO I suggest you to first go through the all topics of SEO. Getting better traffic on your blog will ultimately lead you to better ranking of your blog, better ranking chances to get more money via blogging medium. I have observed people quit blogging due to lack of awareness of generating traffic and so their hard work turn into trash. There are many ways to boost up your blog traffic apart from search engines like google, yes it is not only the source to generate good amount of blog traffic.

1. Writing Quality Articles:
Writing Quality article is a must thing to do. Quantity doesn’t matter Quality does. Also you should write at least 700+ words article according to google parameter. 700+ words article are qualified for high ranking in google search results.
2. Commenting:
Engaging blog traffic through Commenting is good for SEO. Write good things about article,  about author and then post a reference link of your blog. If you just bluntly comment your blog link then your comment will not get approved.
3. Guest Blogging:
I consider this as best way to generate Backlinks and genuine traffic to your blog.  Choose well ranked site for guest posting. You should copy any content for guest posting. Select appropriate topic for guest posting. And Submit your guest post after you have completely reviewed and checked your article.
4. Youtube:
Make tutorials, reviews and any video which is related to your blog topic and upload it on  youtube. In description write your blog URL, blog post link and your own profile link. This will help you to increase your blog traffic. 
5. Facebook:
Make your blog’s facebook page. When you post new article on your blog then also share it on your facebook page and in your own profile and on facebook Groups. Social media’s are the best ways to generate direct traffic. 
6. Twitter:
Make your blog’s twitter account and follow some good bloggers too. Good bloggers are always active and surely they will see your blog at least once if you follow them and if they like your blog they can even share it on their twitter account and ultimately your blog traffic will increase. Also make sure you share all the new post to your twitter account.
7. Google+:
Creating Goolge+ account is a must. You should share each and every post of your blog on your google+ account. Create your own circle and add all your blogger friends.Google+ also helps in SEO.
8.  Pinterest:
Pinterest helps you to increase your blog traffic from the countries like U.S and U.K and it will help you to earn more from adsense. 
9. Custom Emailing:
Always Email your blogger friends when a new article is published. This can create a good impression and traffic.
10. Forum Posting:
Try to help people in Forums. And in your profile Signature give your blog link. So if you help people then they will definitely notice your signature and your blog can generate good traffic from internet addicts. Don’t post your blog’s link in reply or in comment as in some forum it is considered as SPAM and it will lead to you as Ban.
11. Interviews:
Do interviews on your blog. For eg: if you know a facebook page which has very good likes then you can contact the page owner and tell him/her that you want to do review for their page about their page success. When you write down their page review tell them to post the link of the article on their page and if the page has million likes then you can imagine how much blog traffic will increase.
12.  Run Giveaways:
Giveaways can increase your blog traffic tremendously. As a Participants you have to like, share, comment and tweet to win the giveaway. So obviously it will increase your blog traffic. 
14. Keyword Planner
Use Google Keyword planner tool to generate organic traffic from search engines. There many other keyword tools are available apart from google keyword planner, also you can you them. But I strongly recommend you to use Google Keyword Planner as it has its own benefit of using it. 

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15 Alt Tag
Give proper Alt tag to your images which you have used in your article. Giving proper Alt tag helps you to generate traffic from image search and also it will rank high in the terms of SEO.
16. Submitting Sitemaps:
Submit your sitemap it the major search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Submitting Sitemaps will help search engines to index your blog. 
17. Submit to Blog Directories:
Submit your blog to the bloggers Directories. Technorati, ontoplist, Indiblogger etc. are the top Blog Directories. It will definitely help you to boost up your blog traffic.
18. Link Previous Articles:
Link your previous article which is related. By linking previous articles it will help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog and also it will help you to increase pageviews.
19. Images:
Upload at least 1 image in your article. Images looks pretty and it will highlight your article. “Images Attract Visitor” if you use nice images according to your niche then definitely people will love to visit your blog.
20. Enable Subscription via Email and Feed
Again this is the best way to get back your same visitors. You should maintain the ratio of returning visitors and New Visitors. It will be cool when New Visitors are increasing but if returning visitors are decreasing then it means people are just visiting your site once and never coming back i.e. very bad. Maintain the Ratio.
Some other cool methods to generate Blog Traffic [Offline]
21. Advertisement: 
You can advertise your blog in some weekly News Papers.
22. Cyber Cafes:
If you visit cyber cafe then change the default homepage to your blog. This is one of the best way to increase blog traffic.
23. Change Phone Name:
If you have a cell phone, definitely you will have one 😛 just kidding.. if you have one then change you device name to your blog name and if you go in some public place turn on your Bluetooth and wi-fi hotspot so when people will search for wifi and Bluetooth your blog name will be displayed.
24. Design Business Cards:
Design a good looking and professional business card and share to the more number of people. Make sure that your Blog URL is mentioned. It will grow your Direct traffic. Having a business card is sign of a professional Blogger.
25. Text Message:
Do text message to your friends, colleagues, family members to visit your blog. It will lead good impression to them, that you are working hard for your blog and they will definitely visit your blog.  
My Final Words:
If you follow these methods you blog traffic will definitely increase in tremendous ways. However there are lots of other methods you can use to increase your blog traffic. It depends on you which methods to use it. 

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