How Safe is Your Blog from Being Thrown out of Competition?

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Hey friends, did you know that your blog can be out of competition at any moment. Wondering how? Well, here I will be discussing some of the reasons that contribute to this factor and believe me, it can happen, at ANY MOMENT! Don’t worry, I will also give some precautionary measures to prevent your blog from being thrown out! But before we begin, let me personally thank Krishna Moorthy D for letting me write a guest post on his well reputed blog. Krishna, I am extremely delighted after writing this guest post.

Let us stop for a moment and think: “How can I be thrown out?” Well, though it’s easy to determine some of the points directly, you can never be sure how it can happen. It can be Anything ! !
Tough competition
Tough competition is the main reason why you can be out of the race. With the advent of free blogging platforms like Blogger, (well, I am using blogger too) more and more people are creating blogs especially in Technology, Blogging and Gaming niche. The knowledge is spreading! And 60% of the blogs copy their content from others. Thus, anybody can create a blog and get their posts be rewriting what others have written, or simply copying others! Thus, creating a blog on one of the popular niches is nowadays referred to as a Voluntary Suicide Attempt !

Google Alogrithms and Updates

Because of the rapid increase in the number of blogs and the spread of the same content over multiple blogs, Google has become strict in terms of search ranking. Gone are the days when just writing a post would get you on the top. You need to follow Google! And I think that you must be knowing the fact that Google Algorithms can hit you anytime, and that hit would stop all your traffic from Google. And you can never guess why or when any Google Update hits you. Though you might find a way of recovering, it can affect your ranking and traffic badly!

Attacks by others

You might have noticed in your blog’s Analytics that you receive traffic from some websites you don’t even know. You might be ignoring them but it is very harmful to do so! They send visits from their robots. They have 100% bounce rate and thus, so many of that visits can get you a lot behind in terms of ranking, as bounce rate is also considered one of the important factors for ranking.

Hitting your own leg with an exe

You yourelf can be the reason of your blog’s failure! Obviously yes. We all know that. Irregular updates, unattractive template, complicated site navigation, bad/improper language of writing etc. can be the reason why your blog is lagging behind. And, if you don’t overcome these reasons, your blog will Never Grow!

 Lack of a blog strategy

Lack of a blog strategy can be one of the reasons why your blog can be out of competition. If you don’t have a blog strategy, you can never come ahead, as you don’t have the clear roadmap! You need an action plan to succeed. Thus, having a blog strategy is essentially important.

We discussed some of the points why your blog can be out of the competition. Let us now talk about overcoming all of them.

How to overcome these reasons?       

1    +Update your blog regularly: Make sure that you write at least one post per week. Try your best to promote it! This way, you will be ahead of many websites who lack regular updates.
      +Improve your blog’s site navigation: Your blog should be easy to navigate. For this, make sure that your template is attractive and any portion of your site can be accessed easily. You don’t want to confuse your audience, right?
          +  Don’t copy others’ content: Google hates copied content. You might be out of the search engine rankings if you copy other people’s content. No matter what, you can’t fool Google!
     + Block the attacks: If you have access to the htaccess file of your blog, you might be able to block the attackers from coming to your blog. This however, may not work always.

      + Create a blog strategy: You need to have a blog strategy to get ahead in the battle.To be more precise create your own Strategy and experiment with it.Keep in mind Unique stuffs always works 🙂

      + Increase your direct and referral traffic: While there is no way to guarantee no hits from Google Algorithms, you can follow some tips to make sure that this doesn’t affect you much. Make sure that no more than 40% of your traffic comes from Google. This way, your site wouldn’t go down straight ahead in case of a hit.
7    +Build quality backlinks: Make sure that your site has enough high quality backlinks to maintain a strong position.
            + Go in an empty niche: If possible, create a blog in a niche where there is less competition and you can maintain your position safely.
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These were the factors I consider which increase your vulnerability and my solutions to it.
Do you have any other point to discuss?
Do you really feel your blog is safe?
Do you have a solution to this problem?
Do let me know your views in the comments section below. (Your comments fuel me up to write more content!)

Editor’s note:

This is a Guest Post by Yashraj Kakkad from TechProbeX. He is a 13 years old blogger and a technology geek. He loves to write about Technology and Blogging. 

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