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So here you are to read the review of Blog Engage – Blog Traffic, Blogging Community and a Social Network for bloggers.Apart from the review I can say that one of your problem is going to be solved in the way it meant to be solved.Guess what? It’s traffic,Backlinks and Engagement and that’s Blog Engage.Blog Engage is a blogging community founded by Brian Belfitt.He is an SEO and marketing guy who made an amazing platform blog engage to help the bloggers to interact and get traffic.

Blog Engage is a Blogging community where like minded bloggers meet ,Interact and share their post to get likes ,Comment, Votes etc.Here the shared posts are getting a lot of traffic and high quality backlinks too.If you are a person who is wandering for traffic then Blog engage is a highly recommended one for you.There are many Big bloggers engaging around blog engage and this is the best way to interact with them.



+ Interact : As I already said ,at Blog Enagage you can meet like minded bloggers ,you can interact with them socially and personally by sending them a message.Here your exposure is building up and you get an amazing chance to interact with them in the best way.It’s kinda different with a local Pizza and a Dominoz’s pizza ., I think you got my Point.

+ Traffic : Sorry it’s not just traffic ,its targeted traffic.Yes, here you get some real targeted traffic.Especially if you are running a Blogging Niche then your traffic is highly targeted.Here the visitors are mostly from countries other than India so you can get good conversions also.

+ Backlinks : I think you should start a Blog Engage account just for backlinks alone #kidding anyway I’m a bit serious with my point because you can get some real and natural backlinks from Blog Engage community so that you can improve your search rankings.According my knowledge the links from Blog Engage Blogging community is having a Good PR and it’s Google friendly too.

+ Get Sales : Getting traffic may be an easy job but getting good conversions is not that easy job.To make some sales out of your traffic is not easy and I’m damn sure about it.But the chance for getting good sales is high here ,because as I already said you get targeted traffic and the peoples using Blog Engage Community is having a good purchasing potential too.So start making money πŸ™‚

Who Should Join Blog Engage ?

If You are a Blogger : Feeling funny ,don’t be because I’m saying the truth.If you are a blogger or just a newbie in blogging who would love to learn and make blogging your dream.Then Blog engage is a highly recommended blogging community for you.

Search Ranking : If you are feeling hard to get some organic traffic then you should try Blog Engage here you get some good social presence and backlinks which can boost your search ranks to the top level.Its Highly recommended for you.

If You Need Sales : Really If you need to make some money with affiliate sales then blog engage is the one for you.As I said already you can find some high potential peoples to get some conversions out of them.

Final Verdict

Just one Verdict.Atleast make a try for Blog Engage Community and if you feel its useless then please let me know and I’m 100% sure that you’ll never make a comment like that here.Blog Engage is a highly recommended to all readers by me and its going to change your blogging life for sure.Take a piece of cake now.Buy a Life time plan worth $19 from here.



  1. Hey Krishna,

    First of all, awesome review.

    I’m using BlogEngage from long time and I must say it is one of the best blogging communities online. I’m using several other blogging communities as well like BizSugar and all are working well for me.

    The most important thing about such communities is activeness. If you are active there and doing commenting, sharing and voting for others, then definitely you’ll get best online exposure.

    Relations with minded bloggers, link juice and valuable comments can easily bank dollars to you if you know how to make money online. I like the way of blogs promotion using such blogging communities but the hardest part is time. It takes time to build trust and authority on such communities but if you know how to hit the nail then you’ll be definitely in profit at the end.

    I was inactive to blogengage from a long because of time constraints but after reading your post, I got remembered about its benefits and get to know what actually I’m missing. Going to use it again from now onward.

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable review.

  2. BlogEngage, Is Undoubtedly one of the best article submission site, and hence people startup by being pro-active at the beginning, but after sometime becomes passive.

    If you do not spend time on BlogEngage and if you become more passive by never visiting the site, never voting on other’s articles and never commenting on them, you will start experiencing, that your articles have started to suffer from the silence you give to others in the site.

    So, Try to be pro-active by commenting, voting and sharing articles πŸ™‚

  3. No doubt BlogEngage is one of the best and largest platform to submit your articles and get lots of benefits for your blog. However, most of the people just start it and leave it but those who work a bit hard on it and establish their base on it, they are always in benefit πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing such a great article with us …. !

  4. Hey Krishna,

    I have also just arrived to Blogenage this past month and I am really glad with the results out of it. No doubt that blog engage is the community that is one of the best out there on internet and I have also just announced a giveaway on this community.
    You have provided a great information about the topic. Keep it up bro.


  5. Hey mate,
    Great review on Blog Engage. O.O
    Anyway, Blog Engage is a cool community to be in. Worth all the money and certainly lots of it when it comes to marketing and influence building.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Best and short review on Blog Engage.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post

  7. Hey Krishna,

    Thanks for the review, i was not aware about blog engage and after reading your awesome i will definitely try it. It is such a great medium to connect with fellow bloggers and blog promotion.

    Keep writing such interesting stuff and rock the blogging world

  8. That was a nice one, Krishna!

    Blog Engage, according to me, is of great help to bloggers who need targeted traffic! I think it would be of great help to me!

    Your review of Blog Engage was to the point. I liked it because each and every point of yours was on the topic. You didn’t go out of the topic even once! Am I right? Do let me know your writing tips!

    I think you should find and include a discount coupon of Blog Engage, if possible. This will benefit your audience to the fullest!

    Have a nice day!

  9. Great review. I think I should join with blog engage community.

  10. A very good review. I recently joined the blog engage community and I am thoroughly impressed with the team there as well as my results so far. Anyone that may not be a member I would encourage you to join. Blog Engage will definitely increase your knowledge as well as provide you with awesome traffic.

  11. Thank you for your best review of blog engage. I will join this community very soon.

  12. Great Review really. Thanks for sharing Krishna !

    However, I’ld like to say some info about membership plans would have been more helpful. As you have included buy now button at the end of post, I want to ask do free members have much more restrictions ??

  13. awesome review thanks for sharing this info about blog engage i will join it

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