Update : Bitcoin is Banned in India and some other Countries
Bitcoin ,Bitcoin – Bitcoin, everywhere geeks are talking about bitcoin. But no one tends to talk about a boring subject everyone likes talk about Exciting and Interesting subject just like bitcoin. Bitcoin is a new generation cypto-currency which in either way rules a good part of financial systems especially in Internet.

So, In the journey of mine and yours in the bitcoin can make some thoughts to set up a mind to take good decisions like choosing the good bitcoin exchange ,Safe online BTC wallet, Best miners, trading platform etc…

So, If you are crazy about bitcoin and making bitcoin I recommend you to read the below listed posts.

So, as I said we should make some good decisions in creating a safe bitcoin online wallet ,here I am going to review the best 2 available Bitcoin Wallets which are safe and ranks in position #1 an #2.

This is the ever recommended by me and other tech geeks because it’s stuffed with many features in terms of interface and security.In terms of security ,looks, accessibility ,safeness and everything blockchain is the Ranks #1 in the and and same and final redirection is to

Personally I am using BlockChain for my BTC transactions.

+ Safe Login with Identifier Only
+ Address available In the Accesible Postion
+ Can Use it Offline (Cached)
+ High Security
+ Fast Transaction
+ Free and No need of Investments
+ Internal Sitelinks for Bitcoin Usage
+ Detailed Transactions
+ Mobile App for( Android/IPhone)
+ Backup in 6 Ways
+ Good looks


– No Bitcoin Purchasing Option

When you lost your password you can recover the wallet only using the sentence they give at the time of Registration, so keep it safe. You can use Blockchain offline and you can even view the transaction details with it.

You cannot open blockchain from every computer you like ,because the login Identifier is a long code and you can get this  identifier from the mail account you signed up.That represent the safeness of the wallet.If you startng a bitcoin wallet for free and has to receive some bitcoin from online then Blockchain is the right pick.

Ofcourse coinbase ranks #2 in the world though it have some More disadvantages .The looks of this website is simply awesome and the interface is not that much good as Blockchian.Interms of security also blockchain.


+ Good Looks
+ Purchase BTC directly from Coinbase
+ Easy Login
+ Safe But..
+ Mobile app(Android/Iphone)


– BTC address not Shown Directly
– Adjustable Interface
– Login and Recovery is more Easier
– No Interlinks to Other BTC sites
The main problem with coinbase is that they don’t show the Bitcoin Address on the home page of your account. You can directly purchase BTC from coinbase which is a great feature indeed. Recovery Systems and Smooth feeling some risks in Security.Interface is also not smooth as blockchain

Final Verdict

If you looking for good and big wallet where you want to buy Bitcoins Instanly Coinbase is the right pick but take care of your security of the wallet.
If you looking for a free and user friendly interface block chain is the best and even big managements of bitcoins can also be done without any problem in blockchain and with high security available in the market.

The only Problem with block chain is that they do not have BTC purchase system.

I recommend BlockChainfor you all.