This is actually a love story.

Yes, I was in love with an affiliate program (I’m still in love with her), but she was my strength for sometime in 2014.


I’m a very big fan of a marketing research tool called SEMRush and I still recommend this tool to a lot of people. Especially, the first thing I ask when I join an SEO team is whether they have a SEMRush subscription or not.

Well, that’ s a different story and to keep it short.


SEMRush is all you need to manage your SEO campaign and it’s totally worth it. It’s like very highly recommended from all the corners.

Now coming back to my story!

In the year 2014, I was very much into blogging and I heard a lot about SEMRush (it was one of the fast growing tools at that time).

I was very much interested and I gave it a try. Thank you, Victoria (the old affiliate manager for supporting me throughout my journey with SEMRush and BeRush).

Slowly, I understood the quality of the tool and I was very highly interested in recommending the tool with my readers around the globe. Fortunately, they had an affiliate program and I happened to sign up with them to promote SEMRush.




All kinds of brain chemicals get higher once you start promoting your favorite tool. As a passionate blogger, I’ve found out interesting products and I was so damn happy that I got a chance to promote them within my audience.

I’ll tell you the key thing.

The fact that every affiliate programs having a beautiful dashboard, a payout meter, higher commission rates, and PayPal payments might make you feel good.


The happiness you get once your readers start commenting on your blog or while they send a message telling you that their blogging career has changed just because you recommended them a tool is wow.

I still recommend great tools over here.

That kind of happiness was flowing from my readers after trying out both SEMRush to run SEO campaigns and BeRush to make money promoting the SEMRush tool.





I came to know about BeRush from Harsh Agarwal (the man behind ShoutMELoud) making a decent amount of money promoting SEMRush.

Well, I don’t want to explain about the features of BeRush because they’ve written it well on their website and you should definitely check it out.

But, I’d really love to talk about some of the most interesting features like,

Well, the fact that you’re promoting a product which will definitely help you attract more audience by word of mouth is the most important part of this game. 99% of the bloggers who try SEMRush might be happy right now.

Don’t worry, the rest 1% will get a refund.

Trial Run


First of all, if you are not aware of the tool SEMRush (you could give a try over here), DO NOT even think about signing up into BeRush, because promoting a product without even exploring the basics of the tool is never recommended.

If you are aware of the quality of SEMRush and if you feel confident enough to promote SEMRush, then don’t wait another second.

Go ahead and join BeRush. Trust me, if you work actively with your promotions, you could be making $500 to $1000 a month smoothly and the best part?



July 29, 2018


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