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How to Avoid Facebook Malicious or Spam Warning

Facebook thinks this site is containing a Malicious or Spammy content.If you feel visiting this website then move on”. By Facebook.You may have seen this kind of warning many times.But have you ever thought of the disadvantages and crazy things behind this kind of warning? Or are you getting this warning while sharing your post of article or website etc..Then this is the post for you,here you’ll find the fact behind this Malicious warning and a How to Guide on how I solved this malicious warning from my website.
Last week while sharing my new article on my facebook timeline I got a crazy feeling.They asked me to complete a CAPTCHA entry to check whether I’m a robot or not.After entering the captcha code only you can do the share ,so think of the situation when you are sharing it on all groups you have,its disgusting like doing a Captcha entry job.
Reason Behind Warning
The real reason behind these kind of warning is “Spamming” .Yes, you may be aware of this word Spam but while sharing our post tremendously everywhere in all groups ,pages etc, facebook is moving those URL’s to their spam list.When our URL is the spam list then everything will go Crazier.The worst thing happened to me is that I didnt do any kind of spamming but they add my Blogbeatz URL in the spam list.You may not be a spammer but keep in mind anyone can spam your links.Anyone can spam out there in the world of internet with your link and that’s totally weird, we cannot predict anything.
Here in this Image you can see the warning.For getting the complete answer for this question me and my friend worked on some stuffs and spammed the link “” in the facebook groups and everywhere finally what we got is this warning.
Issues Behind the Warning
This warning has many Issues especially the prestige Issue.Think of your blog’s impression to others when they are opening the link and seeing the warning like this.Its crazier than ever.Your users will be scared to visit your website or blog.
The main disadvantage of this heck is the captcha entry that makes you tired.All the time you have to enter the captcha code to share your own stuff.
How to Solve it 
If you are having this problem then you’re happy now,because resolving this problem is the only thing you have when you see this kind of warning.
Here are the Steps to Remove Facebook Malicious or Spam Warning 
Step 1 : Share a Post on Your Time Line/Groups
Step 2 : You can see a Box Like this (Captcha Entry)
Step 3 : Click On Let us Know as shown in the Image
Step 4 : Now you will be redirected to Facebook Service
Step 5 : Now Send a Message to them Regarding your Problem
Here Is the Message I sent to them :

I’m really fed up of this problem,I’m just sharing my article on facebook and it shows these kind of warnings.I don’t know the real reason behind it and I’m not a spammer.Here you can see my Blog please resolve this Issue as soon as possible.

Step 6 : Send the Message
That’s it You’re Done! Your problem will be resolved in 24 Hours because it happened to me and I got it solved in the 24 Hours. 🙂 .Sometimes you get these kind of warning mistakenly and I guess that was happened to me and I solved it.Now it should not happen to you that’s why I thought making a article on it.
Feel Free to Ask your doubts and let me know your valuable comments.Keep Visiting 🙂



  1. Whoa! nice to know the solution of the problem I was facing some times ago 🙂

  2. Thankfully i have never been to such problems, but will sure keep this post in mind if faced ever. Amazing post!

  3. Thanks Bro.! For Helping Me In This Issue

  4. I am facing this problem right now . My site is . I have done this before but have not written such a brief complaint , so did not work . Hope this works this time . i will let you know about the results ..

  5. Thnk u Dude……

  6. thank u friend

    hello friend i have one doubt in facebook how share post in same time many group?

  7. Talha Ahmed

    Seems an old post here and I am visiting it after months. It doesn’t work for any one. I have faced this problem and while searching for the solution, I have seen tons of complaints that users had informed them but never got any reply from Facebook. Facebook support is the worst support on the internet, But we don’t have any other option. We have to work with them.

    Talha Ahmed

  8. silve

    Hello, i have tried your method and sadly i got no response. Wrote more than 4 messages in 30 days time but got no response. I encountered another problem regarding the ads not working and reported this to facebook .. they immediately responded to me and them i asked in the following e-mail about this issue, and they replied to me strictly regarding the ads, completely ignoring the second part of my e-mail which was related to the issue above. I find this very odd behaviour and don’t think this matter really has a solution.

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