Woocommerce to Android? or to iOS? How about creating your own WooCommerce App in seconds without even writing a single line of code? It is possible with a mesmerizing new platform, we call it Appmaker.


WooCommerce App

A very good majority of the people out there are using their smartphone to use the internet and browse websites. Even a good majority of the e-Commerce stores are switching to app only model. The trend of mobiles and mobile applications is booming, so if you stand alone to the side corner without an Android Application for your store, then it’s going to be bad!

WooCommerce is one of the  best and easiest ways of creating your own e-Commerce store, but what about your android application ? or even your iOS app? Trust me, your customers are eagerly waiting for your android or iOS application to make their purchases more comfortable. Well, making them happy is no more a big deal.

Meet APPmaker

Appmaker.xyz is an online platform and they’re primarily concentrating on WooCommerce App development now. Appmaker is actually an online marketplace for application developers and consumers, but right now they’re concentrating on WooCommerece Android and iOS Application development. Suppose if you’re having an e-Commerce website which is developed using WooCommerce then you can convert that WooCommerce website to WooCommerce android or iOS app within seconds using the Appmaker platform.

Native Application

I don’t think creating a web application for your eCommerce store is going to be a difficult stuff, but Appmaker is offering you native android and iOS applications which will be more efficient and powerful at the same time. You don’t have to write a single line of code to get this done, you just have to put in some details which they ask about your WooCommerce website, select the colour, upload the icon and bag your application file and upload it on Play store and App store.

Your sales will surely improve if you’re concentrating more on your application as because a very good majority of the users are currently depending on applications for purchases. They also have the WordPress plugin to communicate within your App and WordPress platform.

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The first thing we remember while thinking about creating an application for our WooCommerce store is “development” and “cost”. Well, a good majority of the people will approach an android or iOS developer to develop their custom WooCommerce app, but that is not affordable and reliable as far as I know. Appmaker has got some great stuff which is easily doable and affordable at the same time. So you don’t have to worry about your budget at all.

Android & iOS

They don’t provide Android alone or iOS alone, they do provide both and if you just need android then you can prefer that. I advise you to have both android and iOS with one of their money-saving packages. You can also try their demo WooCommerce App from PlayStore and App Store as well. Try them, test their quality and make your purchase because you’re the one investing your money 🙂

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Their support system is insanely cool and I’m personally happy with that. They respond to messages very fastly and they fix the issues within no time. You don’t have to worry about their support in any manner because it is perfect.

According to me, they are perfect in nature and their service and support is awesome. You can surely move ahead without a second thought. You can sing up here or if you’ve some questions or doubts regarding Appmaker, then do let me know 🙂

Join Appmaker!