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Appilder vs AppPresser – The WooCommerce App Builders


WooCommerce is the best and easiest way of creating your first or favorite e-Commerce website. It’s easy and when it comes to the relationship of WooCommerce with WordPress, then things become more easier and comfortable. We all know that WordPress is a simple, reliable and powerful content management system which helps us to create and manage a website like a game.

The trend of the game is changing, no body “I really mean no body” nowadays use their personal computer to open your website. Majority of them wanted to visit you again and again from your application. Nowadays, we can see a lot of companies are launching their appllication inorder to make the users engage with the app. Well, the era of application makes big profit and user engagement according to the surveys and it does generate a trust bond within the customers and the companies. The local blogs out there got their own apps, in that case if you’re not having an application for your WooCommerce store, then it will be a tough game for sure.

WooCommerce to Android App

Why should you spent money hiring a developer to develop an Android app for your WooCommerece website? when you can easily create a native android application for your WooCommerce site without writing a single line of code. Yes, Appilder helps you to convert your WooCommerce site into an Android App without writing codes or technicial knowledge.

You can easily convert your WooCommerce site into an Android application within seconds and all you need to do is check out the Appilder WooCommerce.

WooCommerce to iOS Application

The same can be done with Appilder, you can easily convert your WooCommerce site to an iOS Application without writing codes or technical knowledge as well. The procedure is also simple. Appilder offers different packages for both iOS and Android Applications and the procedures are simple as eating an apple. There are some guides available on their site.

Appilder vs AppPresser

We had a competitive analysis between Appilder and AppPresser to know who wins the race regarding the WooCommerce thing. Comparing both, we came to know that Appilder is kind of smooth and reliable compared to AppPresser. AppPresser is more focused on converting the wordpress website to an android or iOS Application, whereas Appilder is more focused on converting your WooCommerce store site to a native Android or iOS Application.

Appilder is more smooth and customizable compared to AppPresser, the customization is so drag and drop in Appilder and it’s not comparitively friendly with AppPresser. In AppPresser users have to build app manual after downloading code whereas Appilder provide build app on server & give apk / ipa directly.

AppPresser is providing agency license (Min $499 (25 apps) for woocommerce), Appilder is giving single app license (Android $199 & iOS $249).App Created using appilder is more smooth & have google material design (Android) where as AppPresser is is providing cordova (HTML + JS).

Creating App For WooCommerce using appilder is simple Also for customization appilder have many widgets & simple drag and drop interfaces on our wordpress plugin , also users can send push notification from plugin For AppPresser it is bit complicated  & it is focused on developer , Appilder app can be created even by non developer.

So that’s how we compare it! The one who win the race is Appilder for sure –

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