Analytics meaning analysis of something.We analyze everything we have around us, we analyze our friends, we a analyze their pockets, we analyze our girlfriend even we analyze our friends girlfriend too.But are you an expert in that ? I mean we cannot always call Neil Patel the analytic expert to review and analyze your girlfriend or your website but if you’re an analytic expert then you can easily do that job.

Analyzing websites and marketing campaigns are not so easy, and if you have a thought that you can do that easily then please remove that thought.Suppose if you’re looking to become an Seo expert then I’ll ask you to read more about Seo and practice or experiment all that stuffs, after doing some experiments you’ll get to know major things behind SEO and it helps in getting good ranks.But in terms of Analytics it’s not like that, you have to work like mad, you have learn a lot of things and the weirdest thingy is that the things you learn will change according to time.Experince I mean a lot of experience can only generate a good Analytics expert and they got a lot of advantages too.



Analyzing is a tough job, and getting into In depth analysis is damn too difficult.When you do difficult jobs you get more money.Yes companies , expecially big companies with big marketing budget needs people like you to analyze their marketing campaign and even their website too.According to business administration, basically 30% of the marketing budget of a company will get into no use.Thats just an average and some companies get more losing situations, at that point of time you like people “the analytic expert ” will have a great role and you have to creep into those thingy and you should find out the real reason behind it.Finally you’ll have to fire a report with In depth analysis and after some minutes you’ll get a beep sound on your phone with a mail “You’ve got cash – PayPal”.Thats it 🙂


Your business ?

If you can analyze others business, then why can’t you start a business and analyze it ?! I think that would help more.Basically these online Analytics experts are good in marketing and conversion generators also, they have the potential to generate mass amount of sales.So if you can do that Job on your website or your startup then you can get new ideas, you can solve the current issues and hence you can make it perfect so that you’ll be getting mass sales 🙂


Site Auditing

Not all analytics expert are getting hired, as because the need of analytics expert is low so companies won’t be hiring everyone.If you’re an analytics expert with low offers then you may try selling your site auditing service, yes small companies and network guys are always in need of site auditing.Site auditing always helps making their website amazing, so they don’t mind spending bucks around for that kinda services and hence you got a chance to earn more.Basically they charge $200/ hour 🙂

I think now you know how does analytics experts work and the thingy running behind them.Learn more and experience more if you wanna become an analytics expert.Do let me know If you got any doubts and feel free to comment 🙂 have a great day