It all started with Alphabets Inc.

I was mad at experimenting search engine algorithms and I always had this doubt about the role of domain extensions in search algorithms. I thought Google used to give more importance and priority to .com domain names rather than .in .xyz etc.

I did an experiment.

I was curious to learn more about Google’s decision to adapt a new parent company called Alphabets Inc. Sundar Pichai (the proud Indian) became the CEO of Google Inc and Larry Page took the CEO position of Alphabets Inc and I was like, what!?

The Interesting question was 

Why would Google choose .xyz domain extension for Alphabets Inc which is, rather than a .com domain?

So I decided to do an experiment with .xyz domain name to see whether Google is giving any extra value or importance to .xyz extensions.

I should probably thank my friend Paavana Varma for suggesting me this niche. At first I was thinking about writing few articles about polaroid cameras (vintage instant printing camera) and checking the response on SERP,


but after thinking for a while, I decided to workout a small amazon niche blog on my experimental blog, so that I could make few bucks possibly while I complete my experiments.

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Basics & Advanced

There was nothing much on the blog, I wrote something like 7 articles and I suddenly started getting search traffic as expected, but one thing made me freak out.

I was getting more than 75% CTR for few keywords on Google SERP and that got me into a conclusion.

According to me,

” Google is considering every domain extension the way they treat .com domains. They are giving more value to the content rather than domain extensions, but the only problem is users. Some users might not be interested in opening a hyperlink with .xyz domain name. You can still grab their attention with an attractive title though.”

Google vs Google

Just as usual, comparison articles was working like a charm, I used to get pretty good amount of hits for few of my articles ranking on top of Google SERP. Surprisingly, people started purchasing with my affiliate link, (I didn’t expect any such things because it was purely an experimental blog).

amazon sales 2017

As I was getting more and more hits, I started customising the articles a bit, started making it more user friendly and converting. I managed to get more than 11% conversion rate on amazon and I bagged,

more than $1000 within one year. (March 2016 to May 2017), I was making more than $200 per month by the end of March 2017.

Sold by auction

By the end of May 2017, I decided to sell the websites because I couldn’t really manage it well and it was drowning a bit. I thought I should sell it for a pretty good price tag, so that I could focus on my primary blogs.

I was right.

I listed the blog on Flippa auctions, it was a 14 days auction and I ended up selling the blog for $3000. I felt good, because I easily managed to find lots of answers to my questions, I bagged some good pocket money on the way and I finally ended up selling it for a fair price.

What else you need ?

I’m linking the Flippa listing over here to give you more clarity about my blog and the numbers related to it, because I don’t see any meaning in writing up something and hiding the domain name with my left hand (no offence).

Just wrote this article to share my experience with bloggers around me, you can call this an accident or a calculated experiment, whatever you wish! It was fun.





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October 20, 2017

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