Airtel 4G Review : Speed & Power of a Network!

airtel 4g kochi

airtel 4g kochi


So let’s talk about the fastest Indian mobile network of all time! Well, here I’m not going to do any kinda commercial review or something like that but, I’ll simply explain my experience with Airtel 4G 🙂 which is the biggest and fastest G of all time 😛 .

The craziest thing I’ve got to understand while I was talking with people about 4G was this girl. The girl in the 4G advertisement started irritating everyone, but the fact is that she’s not irritating. Before using Airtel 4G, I was also feeling kinda irritated because of this ad, but after using 4G, I felt like “Yeah, the ad is worth it”. But,  I really really expected this girl to be the model of this ad 😛

airtel 4g kochi


Jokes Apart!

Airtel 4G is fast. Well, it’s so fast! and yeah, it’s super fast. The speed which we got at first was 55mbps and the average speed in city bound was around 26mbps. Well, I’ve tried all this in Kochi (Cochin) so I’ll share the speed taken from different locations in Kochi!

Vytilla: 24mbps

Palarivattom: 18mbps

Edappally: 21mbps

Lulu mall Kochi: 9mbps (Within Signal Jammer area)

Kaloor: 55mbps

Kakkanad: 28mbps

Aluva: 11mbps

As a customer?

Writing a 2000 word article may not make sense to you and me as well. So here, I’ll be writing the reasons for why you should go with Airtel 4G. I’ll explain you everything with my experience. 🙂

+ You need a 4G supported Device. Before thinking about 4G and its speed, all you need is a 4G supported smartphone which can be used to use 4G within either of the two bands (Band 30 and Band 40). If you’re feeling confused about this, then go to settings > Cellular Settings and check whether there is an option called “LTE” or ask your smartphone shop owner whether the device supports 4G.

+ 4G is fast and it’s fast like anything. The speed of 4G cannot be even compared with the speed of 2G and 3G connections. Especially Airtel 4G is mind-blowingly fast with an average speed of 26 Mbps, that means you can browse a 26mb page in just a second.

+ Fast Downloads is one of the craziest advantages of 4G. I used to get an average of 5-8 Mbps downloading speed, which is super cool. I can download an android application within seconds. It took me just seconds to download all my favorite apps. Downloading speed will also enhance your Whatsapp and Youtube experience as well.

+ Efficient like a hybrid car. 4G is too efficient and the battery consumption is less compared to the 3G connection. 4G is just taking the battery usage of the 2G connection. (Well, it may change according to device).

+ Low wastage as well, I tried the data wastage of thee 4G connection and it was surprisingly awesome. I tried it at a speed of 9mbps which can be achieved with just one piece of range. I tried downloading a 100mb file and came to know that only 10% of data is getting wasted. Downloaded 100mb, total used data 110mb, so a wastage of 10mb is recorded.

– 4G to 2G and not 3G suppose if you’re enjoying a 4G data pack and if the location of yours is not having enough 4G range then the device will be automatically reverted back to 2G data and not 3G data connection. The company says that the device will connect to 3G only if you have a 3G pack, else it will be connecting from 4G to 2G. As per my knowledge, none of them will buy both 3G and 4G pack and this kinda switching will surely make the users feel like crazy. But the advantage which I felt is that, you can get 4G access everywhere in the city and if you can at least one single piece of range in your device, then you’ll be getting a speed of 9mbps :).

– Upload speed not impressive, the upload speed is not so impressive. When I get around 26 Mbps download speed, the upload speed I get is around 6mbps maximum. So it may trouble you at some situations but not seriously for sure.

+ Pricing and Package? The company claims that the package will be same as 3G and they’re not sure about the future price decrement of 3G packs. Airtel is also offering some crazy plans where you can enjoy unlimited music, calls, and everything. Take a look at the tariff here 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.30.34 pm Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.31.02 pm


Airtel 4G Mi-fi

Mobile Wifi is one of the best things I’ve ever tried with Airtel. The device is so cool and it comes at a price tag of INR 2300. The advantage of this device is that it supports all type of 2G, 3G, and even 4G SIM cards. We can use this device to tether our data to over 10 devices real time. The device is having a 1500 mAh battery which lasts for 6 hours (got 3.5 hours battery backup at high use). I’m totally impressed with the Mifi and it can be used as the primary WiFi connection in your home. The SIM card inside the device can be charged like normal data charging.

You can buy that device here and it’s totally worth it!

Final Verdict

4G is really fast and if you’re a speed-loving person, 4G is for you. You can use it anywhere, you can use it at the cost of 3G, you just need a 4G device which everyone usually has. You can download anything within seconds. You can enjoy powerful browsing and to be precise, mobile internet is 100 times more comfortable with airtel 4G according to my experience :). You can even join their challenge and you can ask any of your doubts right in the comments 🙂 Thank You!



  1. Great review ahead krishna,. Airtel challenge via Nokia 1100(AIrtel 4G)sounds :p more funnier.. i will soon update to airtel.. 🙂

  2. Just what I needed , Thank You .

  3. In India Airtel is best and In Pakistan, its Zong 4G.

    Both are the best.

  4. hahahhahaha 😛 airtle btw good article

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