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Affiliate Marketing FAQ For Newbies

affiliate marketing faq

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make big money online .The limit of making money with affiliate is marketing is “Sky”.But affiliate marketing is not easy as you think, it takes time, you need trust and you need to learn how humans work ( Marketing 😛 ) So be patient and be passionate in promoting a product and yes, if you can promote it like mad then you’ll make money damn sure 🙂 .I suggest you to recommend only high quality products to your readers and subscribers , because that helps in increasing conversions as well as trust.So let’s discuss some frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing.

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1.What is Affiliate Marketing ?

You select an affiliate program, you join them , you promote their product/service, you generate sales or leads and you get paid.That’s affiliate marketing

2.How much I can earn from Affiliate Marketing?

Sky is the limit.

3.Is there any charges to Join Affiliate Programs?

Majority of the affiliate programs are free to use.

4.Can I join any affiliate program on the web?

Yes, you can but for some affiliate programs you can only apply, if the affiliate manager is approving your account then you can use them too.

5.How will I promote their products?

You can use your blogs, email list, facebook and other social media’s etc (Depends on the affiliate terms and conditions of that company)

6.How much Can I earn per sale?

Depends on the product and the affiliate program you choose, it may start from $0.001 to $1000 per sale.

7.Which is the Best Affiliate programs for Indians?

The most used affiliate programs are hostgator , bluehost , wpengine, flipkart etc.

8. What is the minimum payout and how can I grab the money?

The minimum payout depends up on the affiliate program ($0.001 to $1000) and you can use your PayPal for payment, still it depends on the program.

9.What are Affiliate Networks?

There are some affiliate networks like Shareasale , Commission Junction etc, where you can join a lot of affiliate programs and manage them in a single platform.

10.What is Pay Per Lead ?

Some affiliate programs pay for every single lead you generate.

11.What are Conversion Rates?

Conversions rates are calculated by this equation : Total Number of sales/Total Number of Click x 100

12.Is Adsense an affiliate program?

Adsense is an ad network, not an affiliate program.

13.What are w8 and w9 Forms?

W8 and W9 are tax forms for US and Non US citizens.You need to fill that In order to get paid from some affiliate programs.

14.How can I find affiliate programs?

Google for related keywords on your niche and search for their services and products, finally find its affiliate programs.

15.Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

It’s easy if you have good influence and mailing list, else if you’re blank then you need to build up some influence and traffic to generate some sales, you may also try search engine marketing to generate mass sales.

If you got anymore questions related to affiliate marketing do let me know, keep visiting for more FAQ 🙂


  1. Hey Krishna,

    Great FAQ for affiliate beginners. You almost cover all the questions in this post. These FAQ’s will definitely helps the beginners.
    Thank you for sharing this with us buddy… 😉

  2. A good guide, especially for many out there who are still learning the ropes of how to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a viable option that should never be ignored.

  3. Hmm great Krishna!!
    this FAQ will answer every newbies question will share with my newbie friends..

  4. hey krishna
    thats an informative post for newbies like me, i am sure i will be able to earn some bucks with affiliate
    please suggest me best affiliate program i have experienced worst in amazon and flipkart, i wanted to know more about shareasale imean how it works
    thanks anyway helpful post

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