Why AdSense is Important to Bloggers ?



Adsense is a real piece of gem to bloggers and Internet marketers.If you take 20 old bloggers then you can see that 19 of them owning Adsense, on the other hand if you take new 20 bloggers, you can see 3-5 or maximum 10 guys with Adsense account.If you try through legit methods, getting adsense is not that easy.

I’ve seen many peoples getting Adsense account easily by doing some unethical methods, but I should frankly say “Getting AdSense is not that easy in 2015”.According to me, Adsense is the best ad network I’ve ever seen and its ruling the advertisement internet world.Since 15 years AdSense is performing well and satisfying both publishers and advertisers as well.If you ask me a method to get Adsense easily, then I should “Build a quality blog and apply”.Google loves quality stuffs and they are strong on that point.Without a good quality website or blog, getting Adsense is unimaginable. Adsense has got many other advantages too in terms of publishers.


Primary Source Of Income

If you take 100 Indian blogs, in that almost 70% of the bloggers will be making money from Adsense as their primary source of income.It’s just because they believe and trust in adsense and they get paid on time with high CPC in the market.I’ve tried many other types of ad networks but none of them can beat Adsense for sure.

Adsense basically pay from $0.05 to $100+ per click according to the keyword and traffic you generate.None of the ad networks can pay this high and that’s their real potential.So a big number of bloggers (especially Indian bloggers) use Adsense as their primary source of income and they’re damn happy with what they get.Especailly there are some big blogs which get around 100k daily traffic and they monetise their traffic with Adsense.


There is gold everywhere, every one can’t see it

This is a true statement, we have opportunities everywhere but people like me don’t see them in any cost.I’ve an Adsense account but I rarely get a payment in a month, I can create some micro niche blogs or some other tech blogs and drive mass traffic to them, even I can monetise those traffic with my Adsense account and that surely helps me in making $300- $500 a month with ease.But the problem is people like me don’t always see an opportunity and won’t work on them (not going to happen in 2015).

If you’ve an AdSense account, then its simple “You’ve Money” but the problem is you’re not working :).Sitting and watching the Adsense dashboard is not going to help you make money but implementing and executing it does.So at least in 2015 work hard and use your Adsense to make some extra bucks 😛


Potential Is High

While we work for some other company in terms of promoting them or using their ad service, we have a limit in our mindset and we know that this company cannot pay like $10000/ month to me alone and you’re pretty sure about it.But when it comes to Adsense, we don’t basically feel any kinda limits.We feel things smoothly and we work hard , damn hard to grab a lot of clicks and still we get a lot of money, doesn’t matter if its $10000/ day or $100k/ day Google has the money to pay and its beyond our expectations 🙂

Never dream limits in case of Adsense, though they have some limits but those limits are unlimited for us.Work hard and use your Adsense, take the hell out of it and make your financial freedom with Adsense.Hopefully you can 🙂

Just thought of writing it, do share your opinions and keep visiting.



  1. Nice post. Every blogger had the dream to have adsense integrated on their blog but the truth is..
    Having Adsense is different from making money with it. Its more easier for adsense to accept than to make money with it.

  2. Nice points there, adsense can be a good cash cow for any level publisher as long as they play it safe and cool.

  3. Adsense is simply the best I agree.

    But the question I have for you is, like how long does it take for a post to be index before you get traffic to earn and you talked about working what more can one do after writing good articles and yet you get just 0.02 daily from Adsense

  4. yes Adsense is a Great Pay per Click Program and It,s Pay More Than any Other Advertising Company


    Raza Nagori

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