Advertisements really did revolutionize the online earning industry, it became a powerful industry and it’s still growing. Adsense really does own a great market share of the online advertising industry and it keeps on growing. To be precise, AdSense is a gem for all the bloggers out there.

Adsense is having millions of publishers out there to display the AdWords ads provided by millions of advertisers. Google AdWords and AdSense was a great start for Google to enter into the business industry with full power. A very good majority of the webmasters out there are using Google Adsense as their primary blog revenue source and a very good majority of brands are advertising with Google AdWords as well.

The super advantage of AdSense is their “Interest-based Ads” and “Quality policies”. Suppose if you’re using Adsense on your blog then you’ll find this out. Google’s quality policies are insanely cool and they’ll never allow weird advertisements which make our blog look weird. 99% of the ads shown by Google Adsense are interest-based ads which will track down the users search history and analyzes his/her interest to show the best suitable ads. Showing this type of Interest-based ads will never irritate the user and it boosts the conversion rate of the advertiser’s campaign as well.

Keeping your AdSense account is very important because Adsense is a real gem 🙂


Earning from AdSense is no more a big deal for the webmasters out there. As I said, a very good majority of the bloggers and webmasters are making a lot of money using their AdSense account. Just a one-time approval can gift you a wonderful Adsense account which you can use for a long time (if you follow the policies) and for any of your blog or website. I’ve seen and I have the connection with millionaires who use Adsense as their primary income source. So AdSense is always a great way to make big money if you have great traffic or potential to bring great traffic.


I’m currently not using my AdSense account and I’m keeping it safe. Well, I’ve used the codes on some of my experimental sites and the they’re getting traffic generating few bucks every day. But I’m not using Adsense like the pro’s out there. My daily Adsense earnings are like around $0.2 a day 😛 . I can even add my Adsense ads on this blog and my other blogs as well, but I presently don’t have any plans to do that.

According to me, I’m keeping my AdSense account safe for my future use. I’m sure about the projects I’m doing now, the websites I’m running now, everything can go dead anytime because this is Internet and things are changing too fast. So I kept Adsense safe there for my future use like I can create a website in future if I go broke and bring some traffic to generate decent revenue. Adsense is a real gem in this perspective.


When you look at the CPC (Cost per click) of the top keywords especially in US and UK, then you’ll understand the real power of using Adsense. I’ve seen keywords which pay more than $200 per click. The sites which are ranking for these high-end keywords are getting more than 1000 visits a month so just imagine their daily earnings. Adsense is a real gem when we consider all these situations, even in India we have some pro bloggers like Tony John, Amit Agarwal and these people’s are earning lacs every month from Adsense.

So it’s a real GEM! 🙂

PS : Keep AdSense safe is as important as earning from Adsense, so take care of your earnings and your Adsense account as well.