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Get 20% More Facebook Traffic With This Simple Tip


Update : Facebook has removed this feature!

Facebook is the primary source of traffic to many bloggers and webmasters out there, and you can easily increase 20% of your Facebook traffic with the simple tip which I’ve attached here. I’ve tried this method personally for my client and the traffic increased by around 28%. So why not you?

(Youtube: Krishna Moorthy D)


Suppose if your video is going viral and if its generating say 1 million views then probably almost 30% of the viewers will end up clicking the link at the end. This link will be your blog’s link and you can surely get that 3 lac traffic to your blog.

I’m sure that you can make a lot of money with Adsense with this 3 lac brilliant traffic. I’ve shared the video above and the entire tutorial is explained in the video. Don’t forget to share the video and do let me know your comments too 🙂 .

Reference: Facebook

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