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A blogger and passionate Internet marketer who was in love with HTML at the age of 14. I was so fascinated to websites and web development languages. I used krishna moorthy to design websites by writing codes when I was in 8th standard. Google is my all time teacher and I started by analyzing the “view source code” page of Google’s homepage. Well, that always made me feel confusing and then I started learning new methods to design websites using software and platform like WordPress as well, but

I’m Krishna, not </Krishna>

I’m not a web designer or web developer now and I’m completely unaware of them coding trends happening these days. Well, I’m a computer student and I’m learning a bunch of programming languages like C++, C, Java etc.

Actually, I’m a digital marketer and an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategist. Usually SEO guys like me will have some digital marketing clients and they’ll ask us to rank their website for a certain number of keywords and we charge them a certain amount of money. We rank their websites and we get paid, that’s how it works!

Snooker Mad!

Of course,ย I’m a snooker player and sometimes I play super shitty snooker. I’m so fascinated to that game and Ronnie O’ Sullivan is my favorite player. I spent a lot of time watching his old finals and 147 breaks. Please don’t ask me my highest break, because it’s less than your marks ๐Ÿ˜€ .

I really love to play snooker a whole day but, the resources we have here in our city is limited. Snooker is a dream and I’ll surely break a half century as soon as possible. Well, my highest break is 86 (iOS Game ๐Ÿ˜› ).


I’m a business mad too, I always analyze other business and I too have some ^_^! I have some blogs and my primary blog so-called “Blogbeatz” took me to where I’m now. I really love solving problems, I won’t make many problems, but still I really love solving things a lot.

I was passionate about blogging and Internet Marketing (especially SEO) but, none of them helped me and none of them gave me a supporting hand. From the very beginning (childhood) I loved standing alone and doing things alone. So I faced a lot of problems when I started blogging but still the articles in ShoutMELoud has helped me a lot to improve my skills. So, I was inspired by Harsh Agarwal to start a new blogging niche blog and yea I did it! The blog got good name and authority within a short span of time and I made a lot of money from Blogbeatz.

I love reading failure stories rather than success stories, I used to share my failures with my friends but now, I’ll be sharing all my failures with you guys too! One of my dreams is come up with a technology startup as soon as possible! There’s a lot to say when It comes to business and me, let’s see how I make a progress. I’m currently running a startup called BeginUp where you can attend our digital marketing classes and you can even use our online forum to learn digital marketing.




  1. Hi Krishna,

    First of all really nice enlightening about yourself. And I loved the way you articulated!. Keep growing pal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Have gone through your Blog man. Its really amazing and has some
    quality content which are actually helpful for bloggers and newbies

  3. Hey, very nice blog. What is this theme called? Im looking for something that looks like this. I got here through Quora,

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