blogbeatz. is nothing new. I started this blog in 2014 to share my blogging experience, blogging experiments and other internet activities I used to do.

who am I?

krishna moorthy

I’m Krishna Moorthy. I got into blogging when I was 17 years old. I completed my graduation in computer application and now running a small Internet company called DikeI was a very active blogger in 2015, but then college happened. I’m putting my hands back into blogging. again.

You can connect me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my personal blog (timeblog) hosted on Medium


simply a blog for bloggers around the globe. this blog follows no rules and that makes me write my heart out without fearing anything.

I don’t care Google or Google algorithms, but I care my readers and that’s quite an indirect way of saying that I care google algorithms.

That’s it. You have a blogging question, maybe I can help you with my article. Everything else, not in my hands.

how’s the design? does it look clean?!

I’d love to thank Anders Norén for crafting this wonderful theme. I’m a big fan of your works, simply love the way you design them. Theme – Hamilton.