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7 Best Backlink Checker Tools You Can Trust in 2016


Backlinks are seriously important when it comes to the search engine ranking status of your article. The more good quality (natural) backlinks you’ve, the more search engine health you got. Though Google is trying to pull down the scenario of creating backlinks, but still it helps like a charm!

As I said, backlinks are seriously important and managing them are as important as creating backlinks. The art of managing backlinks will be more accurate and beautiful when we find some tools which are potential enough to automate our backlink analysis job. Personally, I believe a lot in managing backlinks in the best way possible and especially I care a lot about my link profile. Maintaining a perfect and powerful link profile is still a tough job for me. So, here I’ll be recommending you some tools which I’ve tried personally and found them interesting. I’ll order it according to my favorites!

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is my favorite tool which will automatically mail me when a new backlink arrives or when it leaves. The details they provide is insanely cool and it makes me feel like “Yea, backlink management is getting automated”. It’s a premium tool, but it’s totally worth the money you spent on it. They explain everything including the authority of the domain, the link weight and the quality of the link. They also have a wonderful feature where you can generate link  disavow report for link removal.

You can give them a try using the trail version or you can purchase a pack with this coupon code I’ve. You’ll get 3 months for the price of one month with this monitorbacklinks coupon “OFF50NHT8WXZW”. Give it a try because it’s the best backlink checker and backlink manager I’ve ever put my hands on! 🙂

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Ahrefs is a powerful backlink checker tool which is more powerful than monitor backlinks and also costlier than monitor backlinks. Their base package starts at $70 which is seriously a huge price for a blogger or a webmaster. If you’re managing a serious project or if your client is having a superb budget then using Ahref for backlink checker is one of the best decision you can ever take. Ahrefs gives in depth data of a backlink which is more than enough to make a wonderful campaign!


SEMrush is another great tool which has more features than Ahref and monitorbacklinks. If you go with SEMrush then you can also spy on your competitor, grab their keywords and also analyze the backlinks and even do a site audit! SEMrush is one of my favorite while managing an SEO campaign its too good to be true. If you want more out of the money you spent, SEMrush will be a good go! They don’t explain links like Ahref and Monitorbacklinks but it’s good as a backlink checker.

Backlink Checker Free tools!

You might be looking for some free backlink checker tools right? Well, on the Internet there’s a lot of free backlink checker tools which you can trust, but don’t expect the accuracy of a paid tool with a free tool. Free tools are annoying, especially free backlink checker tools are seriously annoying and they keep on displaying some weird ads which will frustrate the visitor. You can also see some ads like “BUY PR9 links for $5”. Never ever go with those ads, if you’re planning to buy those kinda links, then your blog is going to die sooner!


Opensiteexplorer is familiar to everyone and the father of this backlink checker tool is MOZ! Basically we use Opensiteexplorer to check our Domain authority and page authority but we can also check our backlinks and some cute details about them using this software. They do have a premium package but still you can check your backlinks without purchasing the premium version 🙂


Openlinkprofiler is something similar to opensiteexplorer but I think it transaparently shows the total amount of links we got. They also share some basic details of our backlinks and yea, it’s just good that’s it!


Linkody is a standard backlink checker which shows basic details of a backlink but they’re a bit selective in showing links. You can trust the links they show in their results. Linkody something that I recommend you to use personally. It’s really good in terms of free backlink checker.


RankSignals is something similar to linkody but not upto the mark and it also provides basic details of your backlinks. Ranksignals can be used for usual backlink checking, but I still strongly recommend you guys to go for premium ones if you’re seriously concentrating on boosting your search engine traffic.


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  1. Hi, Informative post and it will definitely helpful for all bloggers and mainly for newbies. This 7 backlink checker tools are very informative I used only SEMRush. I will try those listed tools in the feature. Really it worth a lot. The points you added in this are easy to understand.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post.

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