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check out my blog

check out my blog



We all have a blog where we share the things we learn and interact with other readers.But have you ever thought of what others are doing about your blog? or what’s the current status of your blog? According to my knowledge there are no such metrices or algorithms to analyse the engagement and readership of a blog.Everything is still moving manually.If some of your readers comments daily on all of your article then you consider him as a reader etc.. But many people may be reading our blog daily, but how to find that? How to know about all these things happening about your blog? Frankly speaking I don’t have answer for this, If you have an answer then please let me know through comments.But I know some small methods to analyse about Your Blog.You may have  written some cool and amazing articles and you know what some people may refer you or some people may copy your content ,but how to find that? Here I’ll share that 🙂 .


Analyse the Social Media

Social media plays a major role in making your blog a brand as well as to make your blog a worst one.Everything depends on how safe you play on social Media sites like Facebook.You can see many peoples talking about Your website or blog, may be sometimes they may “Tag You ”  but you may not be seeing it.But always be keen about your blog.Here are some small stuffs to check out your Blog’s Social Media Engagement.

Check Your Blog’s Page

Spend 30 minutes a day to check what’s happening on your blog Facebook Page.Check the new messages ,check how many peoples tagged your page and check all the status or links you’re tagged in.Always keep an eye on people liking your articles on Facebook and especially keep an eye on people who are commenting on it.Always keep up the reach of your blog.

Twitter & Google +

The two other social media’s ,especially in twitter check who all retweeted your tweets and engage with them.In Google+ just do the same you do on facebook.Quite Self explanatory.


Use #Hashtags

Create a Hashtag about your blog today ,because its very helpful.Last week I came to know about the benefits of using HashTags of your blog.Just create a Hashtag like #Blogbeatz and always give the hashtags while you make status about your blog, or if you share links about your blog.Here many peoples are seeing this Hashtags and they’ll also use your hashtag instead of tagging you,so that you can measure the real social influence of your blog.

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Google “Your Blog”

One of the amazing thing is Googling your blog, I just can’t express the benefits of it.Just go to Google and Google “Your Blog Name” and check all the pages, I mean all the pages from 1 to Max. There you can see many articles reffering you or may be they copied your stuffs.So its easy to report that copied content to DMCA or you can take action against them directly.As I said you can also see some of the blogs reffering you ,so that you get a backlink. 😛 Just Google it yar you gonna smile for sure. 😉

Alexa Rank

We all have a blog so that we all know about Alexa Rank.But some people doesn’t care about Alexa Rank, to be frank I care alexa rank and you can see my alexa rank also.(Alexa Blogbeatz) the #1 reason behind caring alexa is for self satisfaction that I’m doing something with my blog.I know just like me all of you are doing the same and getting some good satisfaction.Believe it or not Alexa still helps in getting advertisement oppurtunities and sponsorship offers.Even with out pagerank I’ve got some offers too.So take care of your alexa



Backlinks are the heart of our blog’s search traffic more the backlinks more the search Traffic.So always take care of your backlinks status and build more backlinks if you need it.

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Webmasters Tool

 The Google webmasters tool is one of my favorite site to know everything about my Blog ,Refering sites and Search Traffic data’s.So always keep an eye on Google webmasters tools to keep updated with the current status of your blog.


Final Verdict

The final verdict is “use the above mentioned methods” to know what your blog really is! Especially both the social analysation and Google really really helps you to understand the real thingy behind your blog.So if you’ve any doubts please let me know and Keep visiting Blogbeatz.


  1. Nice post bro.The steps you provided were simple and give a lot info.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really appreciate your post and that hash tag thing is what made me like wow.
    really hashtags can give you a feel of the brand too

  3. Nice tips Krishna. According to me, “Webmaster Tools” and “Google Analytics” are the best places to check what’s happening on your blog. When I visited this blog last time, it was on Blogger Platform. It’s really nice to see that you have shifted it to Self Hosted WordPress Platform. You are doing a fantastic job. Have a good day.


  4. really nice post!
    i read your post on abcdblogging and came here.
    good job man.

  5. Hello Krishna,

    Well written. Hastags has a lot of benefits, but still most of people didn’t know about. While, some people not using it properly. I am expecting detailed guide about using Hastags from you krishna.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Also don’t forget Google Analytics to install on your Blog.It tells you about the indexing of your links and how many times your pages appear on the Search Results etc

  7. it is really amazing article sir, I am follower of your blog, and these tips give some idea of any blogger, and are wonder tips, thank you sir

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