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5 Reasons Why Companies Buy Sponsored Reviews

sponsored reviews

sponsored reviews



Sponsored Reviews , Sponsored reviews and sponsored reviews everywhere.From the last month I’m observing a lot of sponsored reviews on blogs these days.Yes , the reason behind these sponsored reviews is nothing but $$$.You can make $20 to $100 with a single review.What you have to do is simple, just find the companies, fire a mail and get the sponsors and finally get paid 🙂 .Just like you guys do I’m also charging some $$ for sponsored reviews and if you want one grab it here .Wondering how you can fire mails to companies and get paid? then you can try this

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So let me explain you the advantages of companies when they buy sponsored reviews from your blog.You may use this article link while mailing your sponsors or anywhere else.I didn’t mean to copy paste this article but you can share the link no worry’s 😛 😉 .



Aha! you may wonder  why I’m talking about sales here 😛 heh! actually you know the difficulty in generating sales after making a sponsored review.But you know what? these companies will be getting sales because of us for sure.Sponsored reviews are having  a good ROI in the world wide web.Especially if you are running an Indian blog then you can just forget about the word “sales”.But frankly speaking these companies will get sales indirectly because of your article, else why should they pay $100 for a review?. I’ve seen some US blogs with 30k Alexa rank , 0 PR and charging $500 for a single review and you know what , they get reviews 🙂 That’s what we call perfect marketing 😉 .


#Branding and Exposure

Branding is one of the best advantage of purchasing sponsored reviews from “good blogs”.Just think of the situation if you are purchasing a sponsored review on Mashable or Tech Crunch? that’s just amazing and a good amount people will keep you in mind as a brand.In future companies can get a good amount of sales from those peoples.So you become a brand as well as you get a good online exposure.

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80% of the sponsors will be asking you to put 3 or 2 backlinks with this anchor text blah blah blah., but why? they need natural backlinks for SERP ranking.Suppose if someone is asking backlinks for ranking a potential keyword you’ll be giving it for sure because he’s paying you dollars.What’s really happening there? dude he’s getting good conversion rates from the search traffic  and you’re also a part of it 🙂

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Trust is one of the best thing you need before purchasing a product.Suppose if we are going to purchase a domain the first company coming to our mind is “” for sure.That’s how trust works.If you are hearing some positive review from your friends then you’ll buy the product for sure.Let’s take the example of a smartphone.You are getting paid so you’ll be writing about its positive parts.Hence when someone google like “Blah Review” he’ll be reading your review ,there he’s reading a positive review so he will surely trust that company or product 🙂 There also you’re a part 😉


Growth Hacking

You may be hearing this word for the first time may be not anyway let me explain with an example.Suppose if blog X is having 10k blogger readers.The 10k readers of the blog X is using the Aweber Email Marketing tool, suddenly one day blog X made a sponsored review about Get Response which is cooler than Aweber.So when the 10k readers are reading about Get response, then there is a chance for them to move to Get Response.Almost 50% of the people will move to Get Response because of their service.Hence Aweber is loosing their customers and Get Response is earning more and that’s what we call growth hacking :).Sponsored Reviews helps 😉


Final Verdict

If someone is paying $100 to you then keep in mind that he’s not a fool to do that.He’s planning something huge behind.You may not be creating a lot of sales from your review but keep in mind the company is making good sales with your help.Hope that helps 😉 Stay tuned with blogbeatz and feel free to ask your doubts 🙂


  1. really a great post krishna 🙂 we got to know now what sponsors want and how to attract them thankyou bro

    -Mrunmay Phanse

  2. Excellent Post

  3. Very Informative Post. Thanks….

  4. I agree with many of the points you mentioned in the article. Now a days many companies want to increase their exposure for audience. By sponored reviews the chances are high that the reach of their product will be doubled.

  5. Hi Krishna Moorthy D
    Thanks for writing wonderful post. 🙂 There are two types of companies with regard to blogging. One type is of those companies who know the whole process of blogging and want to promote their products with their company blog and by writing guest posts at other blogs apart from doing all SEO work as done in personal blogging.
    The other type of companies is those who don’t want to spend their time in blogging and just want promotion of their products at other blogs either ads and paid editorial contents both. They are actually potential clients of personal bloggers for grabbing their paid views to earn handsome money.

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