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Meet these 3 Life Changer Apps

life changer apps

life changer apps

Applications rule the world these days, we all are addicted to smartness and hence we walk around with our smartphones using those apps, and you know a smartphone is a complete 0 without apps and internet.We spent a lot of pennies around to purchase a good smartphone and we leash out bucks to charge the internet and we download those apps.Business people have something to gain with the pennies they spent on these technologies, they can get sales, they may get new innovations and even they may get crazy business ideas.But what we get ? An unsuccessful education background or a f*ucked up relationship or even a weird internet bill ? Yes that’s what we normal peoples get out of the work we do on smartphones.Last day one of my friend Amal Rafeeq wrote about his smartphone, actually he bought a smartphone quite back and last week it got into an accident and broke his head (major injury) to be presise it’s dead.I can understand his weird feeling at that point of time because I was with him when he order that piece of smartphone from Xolo.He was acting weird for some days but after those days he came back to his life with a blacky just read it here

Meet Blacky and Read more about her 😉

Blacky is a simple phone with no Whatsapp and no facebook but wap is there :).Amal said that his hands got some great freedom after leaving his Xolo smartphone.Just think from your side, your head is under control, your brain may be under control , your hands ? Oh shit it’s not under your control it’s the smartphone controlling your fingers and hands.You’re f*ucked up.So let me come to the point, I’m sure that none of you will not accept this article first 2 paras because leaving your smartphone is more crazier than leaving your girlfriend, let it be.Even I’m not going to do that :p

Applications, especially there are some apps so called life changer apps.They have something to help us, they got some crazy brain to meet our needs and they make us productive and we call those apps “Life Changer”.I’m not talking about Facebook and Whatsapp because they are life changer for only few peoples but what about those other Apps? I got an iPhone and an android phone too so I got access to almost 1 crore plus apps still I’m not mad to try each and everyone of them, and I swear I cannot do that shitty thing.But I’ve come across some apps and yes those apps changed my life and made me productive, here it goes the list of apps.



Wunderlist is one of the life changer apps I’ve come across.Its a simple interface “to do app” which let’s you add your works and it reminds you to do them.Here you got a place where you can add your works or thingys as small notes and you can add them like a chain.After when you’re done with that work just tick the shit off and you’re done 🙂 to check what all works you have on pending, just open the app.Wunderlist helped me to clear my pending works and it helped me save a lot of time so that I can enjoy with life.Wunderlist is free on all stores and it’s worth a download.


Money Lover

Money Lover is an expense management app which even have the potential to make your rich.To be more clear, money lover decreased my expense by 30% and Increased my savings by 30% and that’s the simple mathematics I gotta say to you.Money lover is stuffed up with a simple and cute interface so that you feel too comfortable using it.You can use it as your personal account management system and it’s too friendly. I’m sure this app will make some changes in your life for sure and I should it changed the way I use money.Its available for free on all stores 🙂


Google Drive and Doc

You know what? last week I checked my money lover statement and got to know that I’m lacking in income, so I decided to write more on my blog and make it awesome.I added my blogging works on wunderlist and finally writing this article on google doc (on my phone) and saving it to google drive.Yes I’m from mobile and I can write articles from anywhere because I got google doc and google drive app with me.It helps in storing my data’s and I can access it from anywhere, from ANYWHERE 🙂

That’s it about the 3 life changer app I use and it made me something worth, these 3 apps are free to download.Take your time downloading them and feel free to share your thoughts or apps 🙂 have a great day.


  1. Wonderful list bro yes I love google deive but I am more for dropbox though. It is simple and much less noisy if you just want storage. 🙂 Do let me know if you use dropbox.

  2. Its really awesome article and full of information. Keep it up bro

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