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A Strategy to Make $200 a Month Without a Blog

$200 a month

$200 a month


Caution : Bubblews, Yes I’m going to talk about bubblews but wait!!!! You may or may not know about bubblews still I’ve an amazing strategy which can guarantee you $200 a month without a blog for sure.Keep reading πŸ™‚


When I was a newbie in blogging, my best friend Zion Amal Rafeeq recommended me to use the ultimate revenue sharing service called Bubblews.Actually at that time I was disappointed with my blogging career because I was not making a single penny, and Zion Amal adviced me to try bubblews before coming to big kills, I still remember that phone call.So here I’d really love to share a simple and killer strategy that helps in making $200 sure money every month.

Bubblews is a revenue sharing network and they have a lot of users.Their working is just simple.You write a post , you get views from bubblews, for every views,likes, and Β comments you get paid and the amount is too high πŸ™‚ Here is it

Views : $0.01 Per View

Likes Β  : $0.02 Per Like

Comment : $0.02 Per Comment

I’ve heard many peoples saying that bubblews is a scam and they don’t pay.Aha! a big lol to them, even I’ve got a payment of $100 , my friend amal got paid more than $150 and many many many members just google it.Some people are considering bubblews as their main source of income.Even I’ve seen peoples making $150 in a week.Yes ,there are strategy for that.But the fact is that bubblews won’t pay you a single penny if you are violating their rules. Here it


+ Write 400+ Character Content

+ 100% Unique Content Needed

+ Use Copyright Free Images

+ Maximum 10 Articles a Day

+ Only EnglishΒ 

+ No Begging for Views, Likes and CommentsΒ 

+ Pornographic Content Not Allowed

+ No Bot Traffic

+ Spamming

+ No Links

These are the main important rules of bubblews and if you are not obeying them damn sure you’ll never ever get paid and after not getting paid please don’t ask me because you didn’t follow any rules properly.It took 3 years for bubblews to develop an amazing and powerful algorithm with amazing trackers.Even if you are asking someone to click their bubblews article on facebook they’ll find you and they won’t pay you damn sure.So you’ll get paid only if you play safe.

If you are ready to earn let’s work together, Here I’m sharing my own strategy to make big money with bubblews and a facebook group to support our earnings πŸ™‚

Β Just a Calculation

Daily 10 Articles with 50 Views 10 Likes and 10 Comments on Each

10 x 50 x $0.01 = $5

10 x 10 + 10 x 10 x $0.02 Β  = $4

Total $9 a day x 30 = $270 ( Let’s Consider $200 πŸ™‚ )Β 

Create An Account

Go here and create a new bubblews account.Fill in your details properly and make it perfect.Give your correct details and keep it like your facebook account.Now select your theme and make your profile attractive.That’s more enough to start with your account.Ah wait click Edit profile and change the Account Layout to Informer πŸ™‚ Because that helps.


Write Good Content

Bubblews value content a lot.If you can provide good quality content then you’ll get paid no doubt on that.The minimum character count is 400 Characters to make our part safe you write 500 Character (Not Words) content with pure English and without any spelling mistakes.Give an attractive title.Write meaningful content.Write 10 Contents a day ,make it more attractive.


No Images Please

Yes, I know bubblews allows you to post images, but grabbing copyright free images is not that easy.So please don’t add any images with any of your bubblews post because that makes your part more safe.You have a good chance to get paid.So don’t use images.

No Begging

Bubblews hate begging, if you are begging on bubblews like commenting on other post like see mine, check mine ,here is mine, please click here even if you are begging on facebook also you are not safe.As I said bubblews is having a powerful tracker to track your traffic, so please don’t beg for anything just share the article and let them click if they want.


Now Traffic

If you follow the above mentioned stuffs then you are safe with your content side now let’s discuss about traffic.


Β When you post a content , you automatically get a good amount of traffic from the bubblers.So traffic is not a problem here.If you are writing amazing content, then you’ll get featured on bubblews home page which can bring more than $20 per article.So keep writing amazing content.

Connect With Others

Connect with a lot of peoples out there on bubblews so thatΒ let them know when you make a post.Engage with them ,give pure comments meaningful comments to get good comment in return still don’t beg.If you play safe and crazy with your comments then you can make big big Dollars.

Social Media TrafficΒ 

Share your bubbles on facebook, twitter or anywhere but never ever beg for anything just share that’s it.Always play safe with bubblews and never ever bring any bot traffic, because that kills.

Search Traffic

You can write articles targeting some keywords so that you can get good search traffic that converts to big dollars.Even if you have any other method do let me know πŸ™‚

Bubblews Payout : $50 πŸ™‚

Payment Methods : Cheque and PayPal


Final Verdict

Bubblews is a big network working since years and a good amount of peoples are working on it and considering bubblews as their main source of income πŸ™‚ .If they can do why not you πŸ˜‰ So feel free to ask your doubts and do let me know your comments πŸ™‚ . Again I’m saying I’m 100% sure that if you are following my strategy then you’ll make money sure thing πŸ™‚


  1. mind blowing gonna try it out πŸ˜‰ secret revealed!!!

  2. awesome article by you again… really cool way to earn money without investment … definitely i am going to try this =D

  3. So lets work together Krishna. Blogging is not a one man game. If we want success then we have to work together ….. ; )

  4. Looks like something I should try now. I have known this site for long now but never cared about details. Thanks for your post, encouraging me to take a closer look πŸ˜‰

  5. Very Good Krishna, you encouraged me for doing this.. Again a unique one..Keep it up.

  6. Again a fantastic article ….Good going Brother keep it up

  7. This is just a quick note on stats I get after about 10 minutes of publishing 1 article

    Posts = 1
    Likes = 2
    Dislikes = 0
    Views = 8
    Comments = 2
    Total earned = 1.12 $

    I’ll do more posting today and will update by the end of the day

  8. Probably I had heard about Bubblews earlier, maybe in forums or in a random blog. But after reading this post; I definitely should give it a try.

    For bloggers having their own niche blog, its good for writing topics their blog isn’t related too (off-topic articles). And since it pays on the basis of views, likes and comments. This really makes Bubblews an irresistible thing.

    Was earlier thinking about using Hubpages but Bubblews does seems a great proposition compared to Hub. Cool article.

    There’s one thing I’m confused about. Why don’t you leave space after a full stop… Pretty strange that is…

    Anyways have a great day… Will definitely share this cool piece of content…

  9. You’ve provided a good information to earn money Krishna Moorthy.

    But writing 10 article in one day it truly impossible for me, I can do 3 for sure. Will try this method to make money without blog soon, I’ve book marked your post.

  10. Awesome post i am also using it and till i colleced 20$ and waiting for. Completing my targe getting first payment are u still using bubblew if yes then give me ur id i will connect you….thanks..

  11. I heard about this bubblenews.. but i don’t know much about the techniques they used.. thanks for the article broo…..

  12. Very good post Krishna I m on bubblews
    I am earning to .
    Thanks for giving all details about payment or per click amount

  13. I had joined this long time ago But don’t know much about it. i thought they are fake. But now going to try this strategy. Hope this work for me too. Thanks bro for share your exp.

  14. Awesome Buddy!
    Became a big fan you !
    Keep Going, Awaiting for more contents like this!
    Rock on budddy …..

  15. Getting an error message after clicking the link. But I will try it soon. Thanks for the info

  16. Arnob Mukherjee

    Bro, well that was really amazing. I mean making money by writing posts that too in different topics (which is the best part because i don’t like to stuck with one thing to go all your whole life). Awsome bro thanks again. πŸ™‚

  17. i heard about this site but i thought that it was a scam. you revealed a awesome strategy. thanks bro. i ll try

  18. I,m trying this 1years ago but bubblews was not payy earning i don’t know the main reason.,.but anyways nice articles. For me bubblews is a big scam….They are not even sending an email if i’m breaking thier terms and condition…so this are the worst site ever…hopefully you respect my own opinion khrisna.thanks. and God Bless…

    • Aha yes Adrian I’ve seen many peoples like you saying this kinda opinion about bubblews but the thingy is that you’re not obeying the rules πŸ™‚ this is a tested strategy bro no worries πŸ™‚

  19. Once again another Master Blaster of earning dollars…. Great Money making strategy. Thanks! again. πŸ™‚

  20. good idea but unable to create account . sme database error πŸ™

  21. thanks krishna …. this will help me to get out of other craps …. πŸ™‚

  22. Thats a nice article Krishna, I have conducted a Interview with the CEO of Bubblews and his thoughts are really amazing.

    I’m a power user of that site and blogging in that site for long time now. If anyone has doubts you can ask me or Krishna.

    We can help each other so that everyone gets benefit out of this bubblews site.

  23. WooW Great Article.Thankz For Sharing Dude

  24. alok

    No difference in both. Still need to write articles. PTC sites are much better than Bubblews. No need to write article and still pays $0.01 per click. And there is always 20to 30 ads per day.

    • Haha alok bro I bet you PTC sucks bubblews pay $0.01 per view so if you get 100 views then you make $1 or if you get 1000 views then that’s $10 πŸ™‚

  25. Awesome way to earn money bro.I did not knew about it.You had now encouraged me to use this site.Anyway Thanks for sharing the secret πŸ™‚

  26. They banned my account without any notification or warning. Though i didn’t violate the rules. And there is no response for the support ticket too!

    • Bro it happens and still happening to many that’s why I said not to add images because images are creating a lot of issues in account termination

  27. Hey Krishna Moorthy

    i’m fan of your blog !
    very helpful post keep it up !

    thanks for sharing

  28. I am a member for this bubblews site since one year and I am getting payments regularly who said it is scam no it is not scam. Whoever violates their simple rules may not be paid rest of the members are getting their payment in time. I am earning more than $300 per month. There are people who are earning around $1000 per month too, it is all depends on the activity.

  29. Hey Krishna Moorthy,

    Thanks for this amazing info and a new source of income. Will give it a try. Hope it works for me too. πŸ˜€

  30. Hey krishna

    Thanks for the info

    Once please check regarding the rates as view/like/comment are paid as same

  31. Lem

    Meehh.. Bubblews paid me at first. Then the following redemption, they didn’t pay me. I didn’t break any rules. I just did like what I did when I got my first payment — that means, I didn’t break any rules. And I’m a web content writer so I know what’s good or bad when writing online. Just meehh. Have lost my faith in Bubblews.

  32. Really nice article…i want to one small thing is that can i post my blog’s article also in bubblews?

  33. Thanks for that awesome info. bro !!!
    But What if we share it’s link on Facebook groups to get more views?

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    Even I was stressed before reading this post because I am not able to earn even a single penny :-/
    So I am gonna give it a try πŸ™‚

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