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As a Beginner If you start a website ,rather than managing it ,you have to do many other things which makes a flake to your Website
., and here Iam going to say about some tools which is Free to use in the Internet Market Now and these are essential for getting Traffic , Earning a wise income etc…..

So .,remember that these are free stuffs and the premium versions of these tools may be available in the market but as a beginner you can try these tools for free.

Google Analytics

Getting the analytics of your website is very important as you can track your traffic.Google Analytics is a free tool and using it is very simple and they offer a huge amount of details about your visitors just like a Pro Version.,

So there is no need for you to spend your valuable pennies to get Analytics reports,Even you can track targeted traffic and Set Goals to manage your ROI(Return of Investment).


This is another great tool from Google and it is used to manage the SEO(Google) of you website, and this is the first step to get started with SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

In Simple language .,everyone like to see his website listed on google’s Search Result , so to get your site listed on Google use Google Webmasters and it is absolutely free to use.

You can submit sitemap,change the look of the search results and even more.

**I Strongly Reccommend you to upload your sitemap everytime when you update your website so that you may get organic traffic to your Website.**


This is small tool which helps you to know your site’s status.
Go to Siteliner and check your website’s duplicated content ,size,Broken Links(If any)Etc…..
This Tool is Absolutely Free.

GT Metrix

Before getting traffic you have to make sure your site is fast or not.
So for that logon to GTMetrix.com and Check your Website’s speed.

They provide you with full report which you can download in the Pdf format and they also give away some tips to make it fast.
This tool is Absolutely Free.


So after checking your Website’s speed …whats the result is it 6Sec? Or More than 10Sec…?  “Studies say that a user will leave the site if it doesn’t loads with 4 Seconds” .. And The Legend Google said that the “The Web Should be Fast” .

Whatever it may be all you can do now is to make your site load faster, for that you should use CDN (Content-Delivery Networks) to make your site load faster ..,there are many sites which serves this feature and this cost around $10 /Mon.to do do.

But Cloudflare (One of the Famous CDN Network) serves this feature freely to their customers even though they have premium plans ,the first plan released by them is free and you can manage your website (only one) with the Free Pack.

It makes your site load faster , much faster than before.

**Free Blogs like url.blogspot.com and url.Wordpress.com etc..are not supported by Cloudflare**


“Make Money With Your Website”

Coming to that subject it gives us some goosebumbs right..?
So every website owner’s first step to make money online from his Website is Advertisements .The Companies like

Google Adsense , Chitika ,BlogAds ,Bitdivser ,Etc….

Makes money for you …..

Here Google Adsense is the king and you can make a decent amount every month from it .Adsense is  the No:1 in the World right now and it pays the maximum..

+ You can place the ads wherever you can ..
+ If your Site get Approved by it You can place Ads
+ When People click on your Ads “YouEarn”.
+ And its 100% free to use.

If you have decent traffic to your website you can do Private Advertisements ,Imean you can invite advertisers to advertise their banner to your site and you can decide the rate .

**For Private Advertisements you have to get more traffic orelse it may become dangerous**

Affiliate Marketing

This is the another way where peoples make money from their websites and Blogs .Most of the Peoples(Mainly Bloggers) flake out at this area.

Affiliate Marketing means you can get commissions from other famous companies when peoples buy something from the website with your Affiliate Link.

Eg : If Iam writing a Post on my blog about A Phone let it be XYZ .,and if a user who reads it is clicking on my Affiliate link and if he makes a purchase of the phone XYZ which cost Rs.20000,then I get a commission of Rs.2000(10%) from  it.

I think You Got it..,.99% of the Affiliate Marketings are free to use.
** Dont place any affiliate link or banner on your site simply, beware of your content and use affiliate marketing only if it manages with your content.**


And this for blogger where bloggers can make money by conducting contest on your blog.At Giveaway you can see many Advertisers who wish to conduct contest and other programs on your blog and while you allow them you earn a decent income.

You neednot invest on this, as a blogger this website is completely free.


Refban is a free service given to all website owners and you can earn a nice amount from it even though there are some limitations “if you make it you own it”.
All you have to do is to place there ad on your website and you earn $0.05 per day for placing the ad and If you are an Advertiser you get $0.10 per day.

Whatever may be your traffic ,content they give away your code and you can earn the above mentioned amount.
So here Iam ending this conversation with you and Iam repeating it that these tools are 100% free to use.

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This is a  1001 Words Post FromMe 😉

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