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free hosting
Hey Beatz how’s you guys doing hope you all are fine out there and here at this point of time I’m going to make all of you feel happy and exited with the new 100% free hosting provider Hostinger.Getting a free hosting is something unbelievable right? but trust me this is not like that.I’ve never made a post in any of my blog’s without proper research here in this post I will describe about a legit and master marketing strategy done by a Hosting company which provides you 100% free hosting for 1 year.Still can’t believe I cannot blame you because the internet is like that getting stuffs like hosting is something we have to buy.The reason behind this free hosting service is a kind of marketing.Just take my case one of my Friend said me about this website and I took a look into and what’s happening now I’m making a post on it where I can grab your attention also.So there’s the real marketing game starts like this it will become viral and so on.
free hosting
Hostinger is a new hosting company which is using a different and brilliant Idea to market their products and getting a lots of customers.They are not like a small hosting service they’ve many such stuffs like managing VPS ,Domain,Email,Hosting.
+ Free Hosting with the Following Features
+ 2000 MB Disk Space
+ 100GB Bandwidth
+ 2 Emails
+ Website Builder
+ Script Auto Installer
These are their major advantages and I don’t think this is something bad and it’s for free.Yes, getting free stuffs are always cool and don’t worry about the installation of Blogging platforms as I said I won’t make you twisted I mean I do research before posting so here is my one of the Blog I did with Hostinger Hosting.
MyItPlus – It’s a blog running in wordpress which is hosted by Hostinger don’t worry this is my friends domain and I’ve tried hostinger with this doamin so you’re safe.
+ Free Hosting Only For 1 Year
+ No Extra Services Like Web Tools etc..
Ergg!! It’s going funny man I can’t continue with these kind of Disadvantages because it’s a new start up company and we cannot blame them for giving web tools.And they are giving one year hosting for free that’s too much.
So Give it a Try Here :
Take a Look On How To Setup a Website With Hostinger

Video Credits : Siddharth Bagga –

According to me this one is the best for you if you’re running your blog in free hosting like wordpress and blogger.You know the real thingy behind blogger they just have 1 GB space for your blog its better to move to this guys and even the pro bloggers can take a try to make a small niche blog or something like that even you can use this for your clients.But Don’t talk about their affiliate programme it’s making me ROFL! They give me Bubble Gum for 10 sales lol I’m waiting for the Bubble Gum from them ;).
So Guys Give it a Try and Give your valuable comments here and don’t miss to share this and even you can also bookmark it for 100% free ๐Ÿ˜› Whatever Feel free to ask doubts and keep visiting ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. nice post bro ๐Ÿ™‚ for responsive blogger widgets

  2. Never go for free hosting if you are starting your journey as a blogger. Go with paid hosts even though you end up paying some money. It will be worth your time. Many bad experience with free hosting providers.

  3. really nice article but i always like unlimited bandwith hosting not limited but anyway nice article.

  4. Had yesterday signup-ed for trying their account.. Impressive!! they had great service with many script installation service overall a best package for anyone… the best part they support subdomains too.. Nice review buddy!!

  5. hey krishna,
    wish i get it before i purchsed. i will secure one account. btw nice review. keep it up.
    thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m not a competitor of Hostinger. Yes, they’re offering great hosting packages just like did. The bad thing is, you will experience a frequently server down error which returns you to 404 error. It did happened to me many times and then decided to move all my files to hostgator.

  7. Tim

    TERRIBLE hosting! Even the full premium hosting just hangs all the time. This must be the absolute worse hosting I have ever tried. Its even worse than GoDaddy during its most maligned time.

  8. minime

    How about their vps?? is it any good?

  9. ady

    Hostinger is the worst hosting provider in the world. I purchase their premium hosting for 3 years.
    I was happy at first but after 7 months I started to received error like resource reach limit error, internal server error, and gateway timeout error. The average time of reply if you open a support ticket is 6 to 10 hours. If they reply they always said that your website is fine, they will not help you technically. One customer representative will tell you different from the other customer service representative. Their premium hosting is very limited in memory, not suitable for your small business.

  10. I am searching for a good review on hostinger because I want to try out how good is their service,
    your review makes me wanna try it out ..
    Thanks for posting this

  11. Hi, thanks for this article, I had some experiences with the free offer of hostinger and I can tell there is a lot of issue with sending mails and cpu limit too small ๐Ÿ™

  12. I started my website with the hostinger free account. Later I decided to upgrade it to premium. After I upgraded to premium with in few days my account got suspended and I received the message as

    Account exceeded allowed 70% CPU quota limit for more than 326 times. This is considered abnormal as it causes a high server load and overall slowdown. Website must be secured and optimized or removed form the server (Account exceeded allowed 70% CPU quota limit for more than 326 times. This is considered abnormal as it causes a high server load and overall slowdown. Website must be secured and optimized or removed form the server)

    They mentioned their premium account has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space but I don’t think so.

    Are they cheating? Anybody who has experience with hostinger. pls Advice…

  13. Ruben

    Your review really helped me a lot!
    I created my website with them and couldn’t be happier, speed is great, support works quick, even on live chat for 24/7, thanks , man

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