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SEO Keyword Magic tool is the second generation of research

SEMrush already announced the beta version of this tool so called SEO Keyword magic tool. As per my analysis, I should say that they are tightly focusing on niche bloggers and big brands to improve their business. Well, that’s great business do, they solve burning problems, and the SEMRush team is professionals in doing that excellent job.

We very well know about their service quality, massive database, and their recent Indian database launch. Almost a great percentage of the bloggers are using SEMRush every day to find the best keyword out there in their niche.

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SEO Keyword Magic Tool

SEO Keyword magic tool is currently in the beta version, and the full version will be live soon. The best part? It’s 100% free!

Yes, as a part of beta testing, they are giving it for free. 100% free. Just sign up (no credit card required) and use this feature to grab unlimited keywords. The daily limit to export keyword list is 10 (10 lists of keywords).

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Niche Bloggers

If you’re a niche blogger, then this is the tool for you. I firmly believe that semrush has taken this decision to focus primarily on niche bloggers. As you know, that keyword research is the most important part niche blogging. Especially if you’re an Amazon blogger, then this tool is going to be your best friend without a doubt.

What do they?

They just categorize the keywords based on sub niches. Well, for example, if you’re searching for a keyword “WordPress” then you’ll see something like this,





Do I’ve to explain it further? Hah! 😀

The primary advantage of this feature is that it helps you save your valuable time. Keyword research is hard, categorisation of researched keywords is confusing. Also, manual classification is not precise. Well, these problems just got an end, and SEMRush is the problem solver. Their SEO keyword magic tool is indeed magic.

Final Verdict

SEMRush is one of the most trusted competitor research and keyword research tool I’ve ever used personally. I also started loving Mango tools and their KWFinder + SERP checker pair and it’s too good. But nothing can match the quality and features of SEMRush. SEMRush is 200% worth the price.