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7 Best Backlink Checker Tools You Can Trust in 2016

Backlinks are seriously important when it comes to the search engine ranking status of your article. The more good quality (natural) backlinks you’ve, the more search engine health you got. Though Google is trying to pull down the scenario of creating backlinks, but still it helps like a charm!

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I already wrote an article about Appmaker considering my personal experience with them. I’ve blogged my review, their packages and the amazing service which they’re providing. Here I’m gonna give you another thing, an Coupon Code
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Appmaker Review: Create Your WooCommerce App in Seconds

Woocommerce to Android? or to iOS? How about creating your own WooCommerce App in seconds without even writing a single line of code? It is possible with a mesmerizing new platform, we call it Appmaker.
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How to Use Images from Google Images Without Copyright

Google Images has the best image collections we have ever seen while we search for something, we get the best images out there with the best quality available. Do you think these images are free? or are you using them freely without adding proper credits or are you aware of the violations you’re making?
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Get Email Notifications When Your Blog is Facing Downtime

Downtime is always a nightmare for bloggers and webmasters out there. The websites which are generating revenue every second will surely go loss when they’re facing downtime. Bloggers will lose search engine traffic and traffic from other sources as well.
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How to Setup Your Gravatar Account in 5 Minutes

You might have seen the bloggers profile picture on their blog comments and author bio. Actually these pictures are not manually added each and every time by bloggers and this universally accepted avatar or profile picture for online usage is called Gravatar, which is functioning with WordPress.
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10 Practical Methods to Make Part Time Income from College

Making few bucks out of the Internet is no more a big deal and no more technical either. As you know, the Internet is becoming big day by day and the technologies are hitting the peak every day. You can make more than ₹6000 to ₹20000 a month (around $100 to $300) by doing simple stuff.

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How to Verify AdSense Without Getting a Pin

Getting the verification PIN from Adsense is always a dream and it stays as a dream forever. A very good majority of the newbies are fed up of this and they always ask me “How can I get this PIN code? ” and I give them a reply, “There are alternative methods to verify Adsense bro”.

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OnPage SEO Guide : Perfectly Crafted for Newbies

“Content is the king! But what if no one is reading your content? Content marketing is one of the most important things which you should learn as a writer or an internet marketer. Articles which are perfectly crafted can surely impact our way of thinking. The perfect content we write, the more audience we get.

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How to Make Payments with PayPal in India



PayPal is the highly used online payment solution in this world, PayPal has many competitors like Payza and even Google Wallet but still PayPal is the best for everyone in this world.PayPal is available in almost of all of those countries in a different manner.Yes, its not same in all countries, especially when you take the example of PayPal India, we got a bunch of restrictions to follow. Read more