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10 Practical Methods to Make Part Time Income from College

Making few bucks out of the Internet is no more a big deal and no more technical either. As you know, the Internet is becoming big day by day and the technologies are hitting the peak every day. You can make more than ₹6000 to ₹20000 a month (around $100 to $300) by doing simple stuff.

You might have heard of many methods which will instantly generate income online, if you had tried any of those stuff then you’ll clearly know what kinda bullshit you tried to deal with. College students are upcoming crazy generation and they should be provided with practical knowledge so that they can really do survive. Your thoughts about earning few bucks while learning in College is really great and I appreciate that, but let me tell you one thing frankly.

In order to make money, you need to work and love what you’re doing.


Well, before I tell you about making part time income online methods, let me tell you some details about the things which you’re gonna deal with in future. Actually I started my online business when I was 16 years old and at that time I was a +1 student who doesn’t even had any idea about what I’m doing. I was seriously passionate about blogging and Internet stuff and it affected me positively a lot. I started blogging with Patience and Passion and finally I started earning more than $1000 a month from blogging while I was studying in college 🙂 so I’m a living example. But, concentrating on making online income will affect your career a lot, if you’re a college student then you’re studying a particular degree for a reason (say to become a chemical engineer) and if you’re concentrating on making money online and becoming engineer at the same time then it will slightly affect your academics. So before getting into making part time income online as a college student, think thrice.

Well, it affected my academics a bit, but I did not become sad as because my primary aim was to become a professional blogger who makes a living with blogging and finally I did it. It was my passion and I dedicated myself to it. Anyways, if you’re still ready to make money online as a student then let me teach you some interesting stuff.

Tip: Never forget to read the tips written at some points.

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#1 Writer

As I said I’m writing this practically from my practical experience, so I thought of writing about becoming a freelance writer at first because a very good majority of the college students out there are making some good amount of part time income from online writing jobs. Well, you should have good language in English and your grammar should be “ok”. You can try Grammarly to fix your grammar errors which is available free of cost.

Step 1:  I strongly recommend you to spend some time seriously on reading some of the articles written on the top blogs out there. You should select a niche which you’re comfortable to write about like technology, life, inspiration or anything which you’re Interested in. While reading the article, understand their style of writing and the way of getting into the audience hearts.

Step 2: The next step is to make up your own portfolio and for that login to Medium which is the one of the best platform to exhibit your amazing content and it’s 100% free. Write crystal clear masterpiece content to attract your future clients or customers. Apply a little bit of on page SEO to make your article SEO friendly which will surely attract your clients.

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Step3: Exhibit this portfolio (your medium profile) to the writers who are asking for your portfolio or if you’re completely new to it, then search for article writers groups in Facebook and LinkedIn. You can surely get good rates for articles from there and you’ll be happy with your earnings for sure.

We were talking about making money as a college student, but here’s a school guy and he wanted to say something.

I’m a 10th grader and I make $400 a month part time by writing articles online. –Maadhav Saxena

Tip: Basically the bloggers pay around $2-$5 per 500-700-word article.

#2 Blogging

Being frank, blogging is not an easy job and it really needs a serious part of your time. If you’re looking to invest a very little time to earn part time money online then blogging might not fit you. To be precise, blogging should be done with real passion and dedication which will show up amazing results. You need to have patience and the power to undertake the failures which you’re gonna face.

Apart from all these stuff, you need to learn a lot about writing, WordPress, blogger, make money blogging, branding, SEO, backlinks and a lot more which practically won’t fit in this article. If you’re still interested in moving ahead with blogging then start your journey right away. Read a lot of blogs and start writing on your own blog by following the steps I wrote above. Google more about SEO (especially off page SEO to know the in-depth of it) and make money blogging stuff. You can visit Blogbeatz to learn a lot about business blogging and make money blogging.

#3 Fiverr

Fiverr is a “five-dollar” marketplace, where you can get any kinda service for just $5. Let it be logo designing, video making, application development or article writing, you can get everything for just $5. So if you can get anything for $5, then you can offer something for $5.  Think of a good gig idea and start sorting out the things which you can do for just $5. I’ve seen many people’s who are earning more than $10000 a month from Fiverr. Fiverr is highly recommended for college students to make part time income and you’ll surely meet a lot of students like you who are making money from Fiverr.

Here are some articles for you from the Fiverr blog and forum to get started and get inspired.

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Tip: You can ask any of your doubts about Fiverr or any topic in the comments and it will be answered within 24 hours.

#4 YouTube

Youtube is really a great way to make a lot of money if you’re potential enough to take your own exclusive videos. There are a lot of students out there who take social videos, technological reviews, book reviews, and even movie reviews. They all serve something to their subscribers every week. Spending around 2 hours a day will help you to make $200+ a month. To get started,

Step 1: Select a niche (a topic) to make videos about, you can go with a trending technology or social activities, surveys or something out of the box. All you need is something to attract new viewers to your YouTube channel.

Step 2:  You should be having a YouTube account already, but here you need a YouTube channel. Create a YouTube channel with an interesting topic and an interesting name which everyone can remember easily.

Step 3: Take some videos, and upload it on YouTube. You can edit and enhance the video right away on YouTube itself. Give it an awesome title and description as well with all the details which will take forward the information of the videos. Never upload others videos which will lead to copyright violations.

Step4: After when you start uploading videos, make sure you enable the monetization option which will help you to generate revenue from your YouTube videos. YouTube has got a partner program which will help the publishers earn a small amount of money generated from the ads. YouTube and Google AdSense are linked together to generate revenue, make sure you enable this

earn students youtube


Step 4: After when you enable it, you’ll be eligible to make revenue from your YouTube videos and you’ll be getting an Adsense hosted account too.

Here’s Sudipto who got something to say,

I am Sudipto Chakraborty, a student and a YouTuber at the same time. Talking about money and I make roughly about $200-$250 a month

– YouTuber at TekhSquare


Do you know that you can make a pretty good amount of money by shorting any of those links and sharing it on your timeline or groups? Well, you don’t need to have a website, you don’t need to spam and you don’t need to make this weird.

Sign up here  and get started with to make more than $20- $30 a month by doing very small amount of work. Invest around 2 hours a day on sharing the shortened links and you’ll be earning a few bucks for every click that comes to the link.


Step 1: Sign up through the link which I gave you and set up your account with proper details.

Step 2: Copy any link which you would like to share and shorten the link easily with the tap of a button. Finally, share it among your groups and friend circles to make few bucks out of it. You’ll be paid every month on 10th if you reach the payout limit of $5.




#6 Designs

You must be creative enough to take this job on your head. If you know more about editing and creating images and designs with photoshop or any other similar tool, then create your design portfolio with your copyright tag. Make some of your designs available for free to grab some email id’s to market your services in future. The theory of attraction depends upon your designs you make and the uniqueness in them. A good majority of the bloggers and companies are in need of part-time designers and as a college student, this is going to be a great part time online job for you.

Tip: You can try to make out some real good cash.

#7 Social Media

Social media is everywhere and widely used, we all use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. When it comes to business perspective, social media management and social media marketing is 90% automated and putting in money will do a majority of your job.

The working is simple, let’s take this example. I own a small online business and I want someone to manage my social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. So what I’ll be doing is hire a guy or a girl who can manage the social media handles perfectly without many problems. All they need to do is post something every day and reply to the comments and questions. I’m ready to pay around 3k to 4k INR a month for doing this job.

As far I know, managing 3 of these stuff can be done using your smartphone, so you can do this job easily from your college and it should be considered as a simple part time job. Do learn a lot about posting good stuff and the ethics of social media marketing before you dive in. If the client is asking you to target some users and run an ad campaign for them, then go ahead and learn targeting which is also quite easy. If you’re finding it hard to create a campaign, then shoot me an email through the contact page and I’ll guide you for free (100% free). 🙂

Tip: To find the clients, you can try the offline companies around you. Do tell them their online weakness to convince them.

#8 Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is not a small and easy job to start with, but you can also do it part-time if you’re dedicated to it. I’ll tell you what is affiliate marketing with a simple example,

You’re an apple fanboy and you are waiting for the iPhone 6s to hit the Flipkart store. I know well that you’re waiting for it and on the launch day I thought of sharing my unique Flipkart link by tagging you so that you’ll know that iPhone 6s launched today. My status will be like

iPhone 6s is here, rose gold 16 GB priced at ₹62000. So you’re gonna buy it right now? Go here

So as per my calculation, you’ll be purchasing iPhone 6s today and I’ll be getting few bucks out of that, Confused? Yea, now check that status again, you can see a link which is my affiliate link and I got it from Anyone can join the Flipkart affiliate program and start earning with it. Currently, Flipkart is offering 2.5% to 5% for the iPhone 6s sale so that you’ll be getting around ₹1550 to ₹3100 from that single sale. If you can refer more friends to buy something from Flipkart then you’ll be earning a lot. There are many other websites which offer affiliate programs and here’s something called ShareASale (pool of affiliates).

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Tip: Promote a lot on Big Billion day or other offer days to make more money.

#9 Photography

Photography is too mainstream and making money out of selling photographies is going to be a bit tricky. You cannot easily sell your photographies, but you can sell your photos which suit business styled websites. A very good majority of the new micro business website developers are looking to buy new and attractive photographs which suit their website.

So all you need to do is find your customers interest and take unique photographies considering to use it on business websites. So take best photographies and upload it on sites like Shutterstock to make more money by selling them. You can sell more than one copy so that you can make more than $5. As I said, this is not an easy job and not at all rocket science, so it’s going to be a bit hard, but if you’re a photography lover then I don’t think this is going to make you feel bad.

#10 CrowdFlower

Crowdflower is something really cool and one need to put in some of their time and they have to work hard in order to make good money. You can try sites like ClixSense to get access to CrowdFlower jobs which are much like data entry jobs. The earnings will be in dollars and as I said you’ll have to put in some time and work hard to make few bucks out of it. I’m not recommending this if you’re not interested in investing a lot of time doing this online part time job.

Tip: Never go behind paid to click websites which are such a waste. You can try to use Crowdflower with them but never concentrate on paid to click.


Being frank with you, I’ve tried all this method and 99% of them worked. You can find a lot of methods to make part time income online as a college student but still it’s pretty hard to find the best one that suits you. I wrote this article practically with my practical experience and I hope this will help you too. Make sure you’ve your PayPal account ready to receive payments and your bank account either. When you deal with people online, think twice and make decisions. Give a lot of importance to your time and utilize it properly. 🙂

Let me know your views about this article and you can also ask your doubts 🙂