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Category: SEO

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SEO Keyword Magic tool is the second generation of research

SEMrush already announced the beta version of this tool so called SEO Keyword magic tool. As per my analysis, I should say that they are tightly focusing on niche bloggers and big brands to improve their business. Well, that’s great business do, they solve burning problems, and the SEMRush team is professionals in doing that excellent job.

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SEMRUSH Coupon : Get $70 worth access for free

SEMRush is one of the best tools I’ve ever tried my hands on. Personally, I’ve used the tool for a long time and the results I got out of it was perfectly awesome. Usually, the best thing you can do to manage your search engine analytics is to hire someone and pay them around $200 per month. But, these humans does have a different type of behaviour, we cannot really trust them on their works, we cannot completely rely on them. That’s where I met SEMRush, this tool is one of the best I’ve ever tried and it works 24×7 without taking any off days. Even at public holidays, it helps me analyze the market 😛 . Read more

Guide to find the Keyword Difficulty Score

This keyword is hard, yes that keyword is really hard to rank with a website like this. This statement often comes to our thoughts when we start researching keywords. This keyword is awesome, I’m sure I can do it, this is the most amazing thought which hits our brain with happiness. Yes, analyzing a keyword has a lot to do with the SEO campaign. Suppose if you’re about to do an SEO campaign, then you should analyze the keywords, their status and much more. Read more

SEMrush Review : The Best Competitor Research Tool

This review of SEMrush gives a layman’s understanding of how SEMrush and its various functions work and its usefulness vis-à-vis Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s an assessment of SEMrush’s capabilities and ease of use, with respect to SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Read more

Monitor Backlinks 67% Off Coupon : Pay 1 Get 3 Offer

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor backlinks is a great tool to track your daily backlink profile status. You can add your domain names and know whether you got a new backlink or whether you lost a backlink. They will email you every time when you get a backlink, they’ll email you every time you lose one. This tool has been used by more than 71000 internet marketers and it’s been on the market for more than 5 years time. Personally, I love this tool to the maximum because it helps me track all my backlink data without any kinda problem. It’s seriously time saving and economical. Read more

7 Best Backlink Checker Tools You Can Trust in 2016

Backlinks are seriously important when it comes to the search engine ranking status of your article. The more good quality (natural) backlinks you’ve, the more search engine health you got. Though Google is trying to pull down the scenario of creating backlinks, but still it helps like a charm!

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How to Use Images from Google Images Without Copyright

Google Images has the best image collections we have ever seen while we search for something, we get the best images out there with the best quality available. Do you think these images are free? or are you using them freely without adding proper credits or are you aware of the violations you’re making?
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How to Setup Your Gravatar Account in 5 Minutes

You might have seen the bloggers profile picture on their blog comments and author bio. Actually these pictures are not manually added each and every time by bloggers and this universally accepted avatar or profile picture for online usage is called Gravatar, which is functioning with WordPress.
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OnPage SEO Guide : Perfectly Crafted for Newbies

“Content is the king! But what if no one is reading your content? Content marketing is one of the most important things which you should learn as a writer or an internet marketer. Articles which are perfectly crafted can surely impact our way of thinking. The perfect content we write, the more audience we get.

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