How can you be so cruel? How can you just call this beautiful day ” black Friday” ? huh!? Have you ever thought about the financial loss faced by hosting companies to give you discounts, have you ever thought of the hard work of blogging niche bloggers to make arrangements for the black Friday Hosting deals ?

Well, today is…


Bloggers around the globe, working hard, creating super cool landing pages, they’re working hard, finding the best hosting deals out there and lots of things are happening. True respect for their hard work, as you might know, that I’m a lazy ass and it’s a bit hard for me to move my ass!

I just wanted to participate in this bloggers rush to promote the best hosting deals out there, and I’m gonna do it a bit different (lazy way to be precise) way. Personally, I’ve tried 4 hosting services completely and I’d love to share my frank, personal experience with them by explaining you the great deals out there.

Purchasing a hosting account when you get a coupon code deosn’t make sense at all. Hosting should be a long term investment, you cannot just keep on changing your host because of small small problems within their service. When you choose a hosting, choose the right one.




Bluehost is one of the most popular and widely promoted hosting service out there. Well, personally I’ve tried their hosting service and I should agree that their service is pretty good, especially if you’re going to start as a newbie. Also, I should accept the fact that almost 90% of the WordPress hosting plans offered by various hosting networks are purely crafted for newbie bloggers to grow their blog. So if you’re a newbie, then Bluehost is a wonderful choice because of it’s reliability, affordability, quality, and support.

I’ve been using Bluehost since a while, the performance is great. Very rare down time situations, comparatively too affordable and great support. I’ll surely recommend you Bluehost. – Thiru Kumaran (Blogger)

 Black Friday Deal : $2.95/month (WordPress Hosting) 

Go Bluehost

The site loading speed with Bluehost is pretty fine, also I’ve never experienced any malware attacks so far with Bluehost. Their customer support is also great, they do have a 45 days money back guarantee too. Explaining a lot of the features doesn’t make sense because all the hosting providers out there has created their packages understanding your perfect needs, you don’t have to worry about it 🙂

Digital Ocean


Trust me, they’re not offering any kinda deals on this good Friday, but they do have the core thing called “quality”. I just can’t explain to you how good digital ocean is.  Others hosting networks will pay me 100’s of dollars for promoting them, but the digital ocean is not going to give me such big money. Other hosting services has got great offers to give you, but 100% sure that they can’t give the quality of Digital Ocean. I’m promoting digital ocean just because of its quality and performance.

 Black Friday Deal : $5/month (Cloud VPS) 

Go Digital Ocean

(You’ll get $10 credit when you sign up with this button, that’s enough to run your blog for a month)

The site speed is perfect, the quality of their service is awesome, perfect payment structure so that you can just keep adding credits whenever you earn money, crafted for developers so it’s a bit hard to manage the server, still worth giving it a try.



Well, A2Hosting is pretty similar to iPage and Bluehostthey boast a lot of their speed, but personally I’ve never experienced anything great with A2Hosting compared to the other hosts. Their pricing is pretty OK, their service is good, support is fine, but not as good as iPage. Very rare downtime and I’ve to agree with that. Few of my websites got malware attacks and the support team couldn’t really help, so I wasted another $80 fixing up the malware. This is my personal experience with A2Hosting. The choice is yours!

 Black Friday Deal : $3.92/month (WordPress Hosting) 

Go A2Hosting



thumbiPage is also my favorite, great performance, a bit slow and that’s the only problem. If you’re using WordPress as the CMS for your blog, then iPage is one of the best. They do have WordPress essential packages at comparable prices which make them affordable. Great customer support especially in live chat, very good uptime, and malware free server. If you’re a regular reader of blogbeatz then you might know that fact that I’m not actively promoting this blog since a year. This blog is currently running on iPage, but we are migrating to the digital ocean within few months.

iPage is hassle free, convinent and affordable. I’ve never faced any problems with iPage and their support is ready to help you anytime. Great performace, but a bit slow compared to other host – Rohil Raj (SEO Professional)

 Black Friday Deal : $3.75/month (WordPress Hosting) 

Go iPage

I know that there are 100’s of other hosting services out there, but personally, I’ve never tried those hosting networks and it doesn’t really make sense to write about them without experiencing them. So far I’ve tried these and I’m happy with their service which is the only reason why I’m sharing this article with you! Let me know your favorite host in comments, also share this with your friends (I know you won’t).

Put your email in the box (I know you won’t) , so that I can spam your inbox! (you know I won’t). Happy Black fucking friday!