Blog posts are the one of the best methods to promote your product. Just imagine a blog which deals with new android games, the writer is updating his blog weekly with all the best android games available out there. He’s writing the reviews, the methods to beat your friends and everything about it. If I’m an android game lover, then probably I’ll be reading that blog every day and try out his recommendations. So basically, if an advertiser is paying him like $100 and asking him to feature his game on his blog then depending on the quality of the game, the blogger will surely consider featuring the advertisers game. As long as he’s having a great readership with trust, the blog readers will surely try that game. is my personal cum business blog where I’m concentrating on sharing my knowledge and I’m really interested in working with new products and companies. I’ll always make sure that whether the companies I’m working with make sense with my blogs content. I don’t allow off topic stuff promotion here and I don’t wanna mess up with my readership and the trust they gave me 🙂


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10% of the money you invest here will be going for charity purposes 🙂

Yes, you read it right 🙂 , if you’re investing $1000 then $100 will be used for charity activities. You can directly put in money to our charity box if you’re interested and here is the link “Charity“.  While you’re investing for your company, we make sure that you’re helping someone else out there.


I’ve been blogging since more than 4 years. I’m the currently managing,, and some other blogs as well. Over the last 4 years of my blogging, SEO, and digital marketing journey I’ve worked with a lot of brands and here are some of them 🙂 , I hope you join them 😉



Note: Startups will be given special consideration regarding the promotion and cost of a review as well. Just keep one thing in mind, the more quality product you’ve, the more consideration you get 🙂

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